Al Maraji, Religious Reference

Grand Ayatollah Al Uzma Shiekh Basheer Hussain Najafi

Ayatollah Al Uzma Shiekh Basheer Hussain Najafi

Excerpts from his website:

He is from a religious family background, born in Jalinder a city in British India. After the partition of India and Pakistan his family migrated to the city of Lahore in Pakistan.

He did his basic religious studies at a religious school in Lahore known as Jamia tul Muntazar, after completing his basic studies there in the year 1965, to further his religious knowledge and to continue his studies in higher education, he moved to Najaf e Ashraf (the city of Ameer ul Momineen (as)) in Iraq.

Since then, he has remained with his Dars and Tadrees (studying and teaching), to such a level that Allah (swt) Almighty blessed him with the capability to become the Marjah of the Shia world, and since then the routine of Dars e Kharij is continuing.

May Allah (swt) give him a long life; to serve the Hawzah Ilmiya of Najaf e Ashraf and May Allah (swt) give the Shia world the ability to gain advantage from his teachings.

The Grand leader of the Shia community, Ayatollah Al-Uzma Sheikh hafiz Basher Hussain al Najafi has initiated different projects to serve the community and religion. By the Grace of Almighty Allah (swt) completes some of these projects completed while others are still in process of completion.

Hawza Ilmiya Najaf e Ashraf, which is the centre of all the madaris, was demolished by the tyrant of time, Sadaam. Enemies wanted to close down the doors of Ilm e Rasool (saw), and to remove Najaf as the central point of the world of knowledge. For the same reason he demolished the madaris, the historical places, mosques and Imambarghs. To add up all, printing press, bookshops and libraries were burnt down. Only those valuable things were protected which were hidden and buried underground and were covered. By the Grace of Almighty Allah (swt) He availed the chance, hence He reconstructed the above-mentioned madaris to save the epicenter of Ilm and that the doors of Ilm e Rasool (saw) to be opened so that the world and people be benefited from it...

Iraq today is in need for educational culturing and aid within economical and education core. We must all ration wisely for using these zones; there are multi charity organizations at work without saving any efforts here, one of them is (Al Anwar Al Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development) and we put our trust in the right people for this mission, contributing thru these activities which the foundation takes care of.