April 21st- Community Dinner

“And whatever you spend in charity or devotion, be sure Allah knows it all...
— Al-Quran: 2-270

Dear Community Members and IHW Supporters!

Salaam Alaikum!

Islamic House of Wisdom has been a torchbearer of truth for more than two Decades!

Dedication, Outreach, Interfaith & Community Work, while serving the youth from the center of our mind, mission and action!

The Day to Have a Dinner Together & Show Support for This Blessed Faith Foundation Will be: Saturday, April 21st at 5:00pm!

Awardees of this Dinner

  • To be Announced, Soon!

Seating is limited- please confirm your seats or tables no later than April 10th.  The Ticket Donation is $50 only!

To reserve your table or tickets- Please call the office (313) 359-1221 or email us at Info@islamichouseofwisdom.com.

As you know, to continue our programs and activities, it takes a great amount of organization, commitment and financial contribution. 

Your contribution directly supports the growing calls from families immediate in need while supplementing the educational services, programs and outreach.  

 To build upon and add to the services, outreach and care to those in need, we encourage all to pledge your support by being part of the upcoming Fundraising Dinner.  

To make a tax-deductible donation online: click HERE

In advance, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for your continuous support to the Islamic House of Wisdom! 


SEMI-ANNUAL COMMUNITY DINNER - Saturday, April 21st at 5:00pm!

IHW has been a community platform for education, youth programs, promoting family values, assisting the needy and standing with people at times of joy and struggle. As a faith foundation, IHW has been an open and friendly place of hope and healing, helping people with many personal, family, spiritual and social challenges.

When it comes to outreach, IHW has been a leading Islamic institute in intra and interfaith. It's been working for unity, peaceful co-existence, cooperation, justice and freedom for all.
We first thank our Lord for His constant guidance, grace and blessings. We also thank our founding members, trustees, monthly members, volunteers, public officials, interfaith communities and all of our friends, who have supported IHW with money, time and ideas.

God willing, IHW will continue its journey of unity, service and education for many generations to come. Your continuous support for this house of wisdom, house of love, house of peace and house of justice is greatly appreciated.

Those of you who may not able to attend this Saturday's dinner, can still assist IHW by sending your donation to this occasion or becoming a monthly member of this humble organization.

Ways to Show Your Support! 

  • Tax-Deductible Donation in any way you are able-  Mail to the IHW: 22575 Ann Arbor Trail , Dearborn Heights, MI 48127 - Donate Online HERE or Drop off Directly at the IHW!
  • Support IHW's projects by helping with your Khum's Donation
  • Put your family name or honor the memory of your beloved ones on the Legacy Tree located at the entrance of Masjid-al-Noor at IHW!  
  • Submit a membership form to contribute a monthly donation to IHW.  
  • For More Info. or to learn about more opportunities to contribute: Please email us at info@islamichouseofwisdom.com