Day of Judgment

Day of Judgement by Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi   -This text discusses in detail the nature of death and the life beyond it. It especially focuses on the state of the soul from the time of death till the Day of Judgment, and also has chapters on the Signs of the Day of Judgment as well as the events that will occur thereon.


Eternity of Man- by Researchers from Institute of Islamic Studies (London)   Discusses the philisophical, scientific & Gnostic aspects of death and resurrection. This book comprises of three parts: (1) Eternity of Man. (2) Death or Another Birth. (3) The Multilateral Influences of the belief in Resurrection.

Resurrection Judgement and the Hereafter - by Sayyid Mujtaba Musavi - Aspects of death, pleasures of this world, evidence for resurrection, resurrection a manifestation of Divine justice, compensation for sins, and criterion for judgement.


The Hereafter - Ma'ad by Ayatullah Dastghaib Shirazi -A detailed account of humanity’s experience of death, and the stages beyond it, including the status in one’s grave, Barzakh, the Day of Judgment (Qiyamah), and the final recourse in Heaven or Hell.