Event of Ghadir Khumm- Scholarly examination of sources and narrators of the tradition of Al-Ghadir as well as maps of Ghadir Khumm.

Nahj al-Balagha (Sermons, Letters, Sayings of Imam Ali)- The English translation (accompanied with original Arabic text) of the supremely eloquent sayings and sermons of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him). <i>Nahj al-Balagha</i> contains over 200 sermons given by Imam Ali (a), dealing with a wide variety of topics including our existence, relationship with the Almighty, building a God-fearing personality, and the Imam's (a) reflections upon historical incidents.

40 Hadith - The Noble Qur'an by Majid 'Adili

40 Hadith on Hajj by Mahmud Mahdipur

40 Hadith on Parents

40 Hadith on Salat

A Divine Perspective on Rights, a commentary on Imam Sajjad's "The Treatise of Rights" by Commentary by Ghodratullah Mashayekhi- A detailed commentary on the Treatise of Rights as narrated by our fourth Imam, Ali bin Husayn [a]. This commentary contains further references from the Qur'an and ahadith confirming and shedding light on what has been narrated by our fourth Imam in The Treatise of Rights.

A'zadari - 40 Ahadith

Al-Amali- Dictations of ahadith (traditions) by the great Shi'i scholar Shaykh al-Mufid to his students. One of the most important Shi'i sources of hadith.

Forty Hadith: An Exposition by Imam Khomeini -Detailed commentary on 40 selected traditions narrated through the Prophet [s] and his Ahl al-Bayt [a] on topics of ethics and spirituality, including <i>jihad al-nafs</i>.

Glimpses of Shi'ism in the Musnad of Ibn Hanbal by Dr. Sayyid Kàzim Tabàtabà’í -The Musnad of ibn Hanbal is considered among the most comprehensive and early collections of hadīth of the Sunni sect. One of the characteristics of this work is the wide space given to hadīth concerning the merits of the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt. Compared to the other hadīth compendiums of the Sunnis, the Musnad’s emphasis on this subject is so pronounced that it has attracted the attention of orientalists and other researchers. The writer of this article has attempted to focus on this particular point of the Musnad and its author by selecting some of the hadīth mentioned about topics such as Tashayyu‘, Ibn Hanbal, Musnad, Hadīth Compendiums, Merits of the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a), Hadīth al-Ghadīr, Hadīth al-Thaqalayn, Hadīth al-Manzilah.

Hadith al-Kisa

Jesus through Shi'ite Narrations by Mahdi Muntazir Qaim - Categorized collection of hadith (narrations) on Prophet Jesus (a) from the Shia books of Hadith. Topics include: His childhood, characteristics, the disciples, children of Israel, the Gospel, supplications to God among others.
Lantern of the Path by Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (a) - A collection of Hadith by the 6th Imam on knowledge, behavior, remembrance, prayer, and fear of God.

Living the Right Way by Ayatullah Jawad Tehraani- A collection of sayings from the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Household (a.s.) that, if put into practice, they guarantee the happiness of humans in this world and in the world to come.

Muhammad `Abduh's commentary of the Nahj al-Balaghah and Imam `Ali's comment on the criteria for caliphate - In a short saying quoted in Nahj al-Balaghah, Imam 'Ali (a) expressed amazement at the logic of those who considered the criterion for caliphate to be merely companionship of the Prophet (s).  According to the edition containing the commentary of the Sunni scholar Muhammad `Abduh, this saying has been changed resulting in a complete twist in its meaning!

Nahj al-Balagha for Children - A small selection from the great collection of speeches, sermons, letters, and sayings of Imam Ali (a). Short passages with pictures.

Selections from Usul al-Kafi - Selections from the first part of al-Kulayni's 'al-Kafi', on of the four major books of Shi'i hadith, that deals with themes of doctrinal and ethical significance in a systematic manner.

The English translation of Sahih al-Bukhari and the account of Jesus' (a) return - Hadith number 658 in volume 4 of the Arabic/English edition of Sahih al-Bukhari represents a short narration that talks about the coming of Jesus (a) at a time when an "Imam" will be present. The translation has changed to something rather different in later editions!

The Gospel of the Shi'ah of 'Ali ('a)- The close relation between Prophet Jesus ('a) and Imam 'Ali ('a), and their shared characteristics. Traditions about Jesus (a), and an admonition from the Almighty to Jesus (a) narrated by the Ahlul Bayt (a).

The Hadith Qudsi of the Ascension by Translated from the Arabic by Yasin T. al-Jibouri- The English translation of the detailed version of the Hadith al-Qudsi of the Mi'raj (the ascension of the Holy Prophet to the heavens) as taken from the text Irshad al-Qulub. This hadith is the narration of Allah's conversation with his beloved Holy Prophet during the event of the Mi'raj.

The Narration (Hadeeth) of Hudhayfah Ibn Alyaman by Hasan ibn Muhammad Al Daylami - This short text is the translation of the lengthy narration of the close companion of Prophet Muhammad [S] and one of the earliest converts to Islam, Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman, as narrated in Irshad Al Qulub (Guidance for The Hearts), Vol. 1, by Shaykh Daylami and translated into English by Jerrmein Abu Shahba. It deals with the report of the Prophet regarding the hypocrites among the Muslim ummah.

The Prophetic Hadiths in Al-Khisal by Mohammad Javad Shomali - A partial translation of al-Khisal by Shaykh Sadooq, one of the greatest and earliest scholars of Shi'a Islam. al-Khisal is unique in that it categorizes the traditions contained therein according to their emphasis on numbers, from one to one million, in ascending order. This particular translation presents traditions related to numbers one through twelve.

The Sahih of al-Tirmidhi and the hadith, 'I am the city of knowledge and 'Ali is its gate'. - The well-known and reliable hadith of the Prophet - "I am the city of knowledge and 'Ali is its gate" is not present in the current editions of the Sahih (alternatively called Jami` or Sunan) of al-Tirmidhi (d. 279 AH).  This book is one of the Sihah Sittah or Six Authentic hadith books for the Ahl al-Sunnah. This case study will investigate the allegation that this hadith was included by al-Tirmidhi and used to be in his Sahih till it mysteriously disappeared at some stage in history.

The Spiritual Aspects of Hajj- A complete translation of Imām Zain al-‘Ābidīn’s discourse on Hajj with Shiblī. Part of the Hajj 2004 handouts prepared by scholars of the Hawza. Translated by Mohammed Ali Ismail.

The Spiritual Aspects of Hajj - Pocket-sized Version - A summarized version of Imām Zain al-‘Ābidīn’s discourse on Hajj with Shiblī. Part of the Hajj 2004 handouts prepared by scholars of the Hawza. Prepared by Mohammed Ali Ismail.

Tradition of Mufaddal by Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (a)   - Pearls of wisdom narrated by the 6th Imam (a) to his companion Mufaddal, describing the amazing ingenuity of the Almighty manifested in the universe, human beings, the animal kingdom, nature and natural disasters.

Tradition of Myrobalan Fruit (Hadith-e-Halila) by Imam Ja'afar al-Sadiq- A thought provoking dialogue between Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (a) and an atheist physician from India. Using logical arguments and the Myrobalan fruit as its theme the Imam convinces the atheist beyond doubt of the existence and attributes of Almighty Allah.