Hassan al-Mujtaba- 2nd Imam

The Second Imam: Hassan Al-Mujtaba

The Second Imam: Hassan Al Mujtaba

"When you are greeted, you should respond in even a better way or  just return the greeting."

15 Ramadhan 1418 by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi, Toronto,Canada , January 14, 1998

Hidaya ya Ramadhan # 2 of 11 by Ustadh Muhammad Dumila, Radio Broadcast on Pwani FM 103.0

Imam Hasan (a), by Shaykh al Mufid
An account of the 2nd Imam (a), evidence for his Imamate, his untimely death, and breif outline of reports about him.

Imam Hasan (a): The Myth of his Divorces, by Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
An explanation of the unjust accusations agaist the 2nd Imam (a), and the source and fallacy of these allegations.

Imam Hasan bin 'Ali (a)
Biography and character of the 2nd Imam (a).

Legacy of Imam Ali (a) & Life of Imam Hasan (a), by Dr. Hamid Algar, Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA, 25th September, 2001

Sulh al-Hasan: The Peace Treaty of al-Hasan (a), by Shaykh Radi Aal-Yasin
Outstanding work on the difficult situation that faced Imam al-Hasan (a) during his Imamate, and the events and political attitudes that led to peacemaking, as well as the unfair accusations made against him.

Wiladat (birthday) of Imam Hasan (a.s.), by Sheikh Muslim Bhanji, Ja'afari Islamic Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 15th of Ramadan 1421

Wiladat of Imam Hasan [a], by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi, Toronto, Canada, 15th Ramadhan 1417, 23th Jan. 97