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09/15/12: Local Islamic leaders condemn violent response to movie Violence seen as violation of Islamic teaching

Dearborn Heights, MI- The violent reaction to an anti-Muslim movie in some foreign countries was condemned by Detroit area Islamic leaders on Saturday.

Imams gathered Saturday in Dearborn with leaders of other faith-based groups and condemned the killing of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other embassy staffers.
The killings in Libya and other violent outbursts in other Middle East and North African nations were triggered by reports of an strongly anti-Muslim film produced in the United States.
Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom said the film is very insulting and uncivilized, but he said those who turned to deadly violence in response to it were acting in violation of Islamic teaching.
"Our faith teaches answer evil with good, so they acted not only against America, but they acted against Islam," Imam Elahi said.

Imam Elahi added that the makers of the film were not only enemies of Islam, but also the enemies of the United States and its principles.