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07/18/2013: Elahi meets with Congressman Dingell, discusses U.S.-Iran relations

Elahi meets with Congressman Dingell, discusses U.S.-Iran relations

Thursday, 07.18.2013, 09:02pm

Arab American News 

DEARBORN HEIGHTS - Last week, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi and Congressman John Dingell met to discuss U.S.- Iranian relations. 

The discussion centered on the election of the new moderate Iranian president and the opening of a new chapter in the relationship between the two countries.

Imam Elahi (right) pictured with Congressman Dingell.Elahi asked the Congressman to refer to his wisdom and experience to help improve U.S. relations with Iran.  He pointed out President Obama’s friendly messages to the Iranian people, over the last few years, and asked that the U.S. turn those words into actions and begin renewed diplomatic dialogue between "these two great nations."

He described Rouhani's election as a great opportunity and a test for the Obama Administration to establish a direct dialogue with Iran, based on mutual interest and respect. 

Congressman Dingell promised to do all that he can to help and assured Elahi that he would assign a member of his office to continue this conversation.