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10/21/11: Islamic House of Wisdom Semi-Annual Fundraising Dinner a success

Islamic House of Wisdom Semi-Annual Fundraising Dinner a success

Friday, 10.21.2011, 07:25am- Arab American News

Guests listen to Imam Elahi’s speech at the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights. Elahi emphasized the importance of reaching out to the youth and serving the community.

PHOTO: Naheh AbuNab

DEARBORN HEIGHTS —Imams, community leaders, members of religious, cultural, social and educational institutions and interfaith representatives were among the honored guests at the Islamic House of Wisdom's Semi-Annual Fundraising Dinner on Sunday, Oct. 16. 

Main speakers included Dr. Mohammad Ajjour, Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul-Latif Berri and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, the spiritual leader of the center. 

"I I really enjoy being part of this community, and love you all. I am asking you today to show your support for this inspirational community center," Elahi said. 

"The glory of our mosque is not a minaret and dome, beautiful pews or auditorium but the services we provide, especially to the youth.

"Many Muslim youths are suffering from depression, identity confusion, and loss of faith. If their only friends are the ones on the Facebook and most of these live on the other side of this planet; when the TV is their full time teacher that they watch almost six hours each day, there is a terrible aching loneliness. Helping our youth develop faithful character can be best achieved through socializing and learning at places of worship like IHW.

The IHW has gone through numerous phases of development and progress, focusing on the spiritual needs of Muslims, while also considering the interests of non-Muslims through dialogue, discussion and social interaction. 

It also  provides child care, food assistance, and clothing and occasionally cash assistance to the needy, but its main role is spiritual and educational outreach. It reaches out to political activists and organizations standing against Islamophobia and works hard to remove hateful ignorance from society, because the politics of Armageddon ideology hurts America’s integrity. The center also performs funeral and wedding ceremonies and conducts outreach programs including sending books, Qur'ans and gifts to Muslim prisoners. 

Elahi thanked police, firefighters, teachers, and others upstanding members of society and also quoted the Prophet Muhammad, saying  “The one who is careless of the community’s affairs, is not a Muslim.”

"When I first visited the US in 1989, I was impressed by the common phrase, “Can I help you?” he continued. "Helping people gives grace to those who serve. If you are someone that other people seek out for help and advice, be grateful for the honor...A wise man is kind to both good and bad people."