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03/21/13: Muslim Girl Scouts form strong friendships through faith

Muslim Girl Scouts form strong friendships through faith

Thursday, 03.21.2013, 05:39pm- Arab American News

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — The Muslim Girl Scouts troop of southeast Michigan could be one of the largest scout groups in the region with its more than 250 members according to a report. Its members reside in different cities in the region, and meet once a week. They also take trips during the summer.  

Janan Wutwut, who has been a member for years says the group has brought her closer to her faith, and she wouldn’t know as much about Islam as she does today if she hadn’t joined. Wutwut says over the years she’s met friends through the group she wouldn’t have met otherwise, and formed close friendships. 

“I’ve been in the group for years, and a lot of us have watched each other grow up. It’s more than just a girl scout troop. We’re forming strong friendships and learning a lot about each other. I’ve learned so much about my faith as well,” Wutwut said. 

There are about 25 volunteers who dedicate their time to leading the group, and  include parents, college students among others.  

Muslim Girl Scouts at the Islamic House of Wisdom where they performed a reenactment of Hajj ritual proceduresRana Alaouie, who’s a volunteer and has two daughters in the group says its members are taught to be confident and encouraged to take on leadership roles when they get older. “We want them to be strong and take on leadership roles in the future,” Alaouie said. She says the girls are taught about different issues such as bullying.        “We teach them that bullying is wrong and Islam teaches us to love one another,” she said.  Through the group the girls are embracing American culture and their faith.  

Hawra Yassine, 21,  and a volunteer was never a part of the group growing up, but wishes she was because of the opportunities and friendships its members form. 

 “It’s a wonderful thing to watch these girls mature and grow,” she said. 

Last Friday the group delivered a powerful performance before hundreds at the Islamic House of Wisdom’s interfaith event here  where they reenacted the ritual procedures of Hajj through prayers and songs. 

Sayyed Najah Al-Huseini spoke about the philosophy of Hajj, from unity to purification of the soul. Imam Elahi welcomed the guests and spoke about the future role and responsibility of the Girl Scouts. Imam Elahi said that Girl Scouts is about love through action, and service and sacrifice for the sake of others. Imam Elahi wished the girl scouts a joyful journey in life, a journey beautified with two words: love and action.  At the end, he thanked Hajja Amal Mazeh and other Muslim and non-Muslim leaders of the girls organization. 

“It’s a great experience, when we have our own kids we want them to be in it,” Wutwut said.

If residents are interesting in participating with the group, they can contact the Religious Relationship Committee at