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01/15/15: CNN: Imam Elahi speaking with Carol Costello on CNN's Newsroom show

01-15-15: Imam Elahi speaking with Carol Costello on the morning CNN Newsroom show.
IHW is receiving encouraging comments from all over the country for the inspiring and energizing words of imam Elahi with CNN this morning.
Imam Elahi mentioned how Islam and Muslims are a target of both physical and psychological terrorism. Also that our world is in need of leaders like Martin Luther King, that is why the interfaith of our community are coming to the Islamic House of Wisdom this Sunday to honor his non-violence movement.
He added that people like Ayatollah Sistani and former Iraninan President, Khatami are the Martin Luther King examples of our time. Reminding that President Rouhani brought an anti-violence and anti-terrorism push to the UN.
Imam Elahi stated that if the US and other Western governments are serious about fighting against ISIS and other terrorists, why are they so close with Saudi Arabia, the source of terrorism yet not even talking with Syria that has been fighting terrorism for 4 years and only in 2014 has lost more than 70000 of it citizens in this war.
There was a lot to share but how much can u say in 4 minutes? Please send us your thoughts!