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8/19/17: Zarif: US president quick to insult Islam


8/19/17: Zarif: US president quick to insult Islam .

Iran’s Foreign Minister has slammed the US president’s latest anti-Muslim comments and his silence over racist behavior inside the United States. In a tweet, Mohammad Javad Zarif pointed to Donald Trump’s double-standard saying the U-S president is quick to insult Islam but hesitant to condemn racist terror at home. The top Iranian diplomat added that the terror in name of race or religion is QUOTE-plain terror and represents neither. Trump is already under fire for defending white supremacists whose recent rally in Virginia caused deadly clashes. On Friday, he sparked fresh anger while reacting to terror attacks in Spain. Trump tweeted about a controversial myth of a U-S general who is claimed to have ordered his men to shoot Muslim Filipinos, using bullets dipped in pig's blood in the early 1900.