5-5-17: Non-Muslim Students Visit and Attend the Friday Prayer!

Non-Muslim Students Attended Friday Prayer!

5-5-17: Professor Martyn Smith and some of his non-Muslim students from the Lawrence University of Appleton, Wisconsin attended Friday prayer at the Islamic House of Wisdom yesterday!

It was their passion for knowledge and understanding that promoted them to drive over 500 miles to be in Dearborn area and I commended them for this!
They told me, they had heard a lot about Islam in the media and also Sharia law in Dearborn and they decided to come and find facts face to face!
After listening to Friday sermons and even following the ritual prayer with us, they came to our office for some chatting and conversation!
We talked about the vision of three Abrahamic traditions about the future of the world and the concept of Mahdi and Messiahin Islam, Christianity and Judaism!
The responsibility of the faithful during the time of expectation was another subject of discussion!
Not enough just to sit down and pray for the appearance of the savior, we all must rise to our responsibility and act to promote peace, justice and piety.
Our duty in the absence of Al-Mahdi is to stay faithful, optimistic, patient, while supporting the truth and standing against evil, hypocrisy, arrogance and oppression nationally and globally!
Our guests left the IHW with a heart full of joy and unforgettable memories of friendship, respect and mutual understanding!
We thank God for all of these outreach opportunities and blessings!