5/11/18: Michigan Muslim Capital Day in Lansing!

Michigan Muslim Capital Day in Lansing!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018- Thank you MMCC - Michigan Muslim Community Council, Dr. Mozzamel, Dr. Hadidi, Somayeh Ahmad and the entire team for your hard work and great result.

Thank to our Senators and Representatives and in particular Senator David Knezek and Rep. Abdallah Hamoud for hosting us.

In a world where ignorance, fear, racism and prejudice divide people and cause hatred and confrontation, engagement, communication, listening and learning from one another are the key to change the world and contribute to construction of civil societies!

We spent over 3 hours in the Capital, meeting with some members of the Congress, holding a ceremony at the heart of the Capital building, attending a session and also socializing and interacting with the staff and other visitors of the Capital, very educational experience specially for our Muslim students in our journey.

This is an annual event, but it must be a roadmap for our daily life in this part of our planet!


4/20/18: Honoring General Consul of Lebanon and Iraq by the Islamic House of Wisdom on the Eid of Maba'ath!

Honoring General Consul of Lebanon and Iraq by the Islamic House of Wisdom on the Eid of Maba'ath!

On 27th of Rajab, the Eid of Mabath, the birthday of Islam and first day of the Quranic revelation to our prophet Mohammad (pbuh) IHW honored the new General Consul of Lebanon her Excellency Mrs. Suzan Mouzi Yassin and representative of the Iraqi Consulate Sayyed Qotaiba Khalid Saleh. 

The guests of the breakfast included former Lebanese ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami, Khollan Al-Wafaa and a group of community members and leaders.

Ostad Zohair Alawiya welcomed the guests and invited the honorable Suzan Mouzi Yassin to

 the podium. Dr. Suzan made a great intellectual speech. 

The following is just a paragraph of what she said: "We do believe that religion is one of the driving forces in our societies for establishing an integral system of values and dignifying the human identity.

And while the integrity of that moral system has been shaken by a variety of challenges, a new religious rhetoric has been presented relying on an ample intellectual, informational and instructional content. 

A multi-dimensional agenda was adopted that focused not only on the concepts and methods of worship, but also on interfaith dialogue, social justice, social cohesion, unity of the community, youth concerns(notably drugs addiction and spiritual turmoil), it also focused on cultural identity preservation, integration affairs, tolerance and coexistence.. and above all, purifying the stereotyped impressions about Islam.

In this context, I shall present my whole respect to the Esteemed IHW and its counterparts, to HE Imam Elahi and all the virtuous Imams and Scholars for their commitment and dedication to the noble role entrusted to them"

At the end of this blessed ceremony Imam Elahi thanked honorable consul Dr. Suzan Mouzi Yassin and honorable Sayyed Qotaiba Saleh and all respected guests for accepting the IHW invitation on such a beautiful day in the history of Islamic faith. 

Imam Elahi spoke about the contributions of prophet Mohammad to humanity. The fact that his revelation and prophethood started with Iqra (read!) demonstrates the significance of education in Islam. The holy Quran is a message of rationality, Enlightenment and wisdom. 

Imam also pointed to other contributions of God's last messenger including his emphases on building a community based on faith, family values, moral standards, social justice, peace, respect for diversity, unity and competition for compassion, charity and humanity.

Imam Elahi prayed for the end of war in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and other warzones in the world and condemned political double standards such a bombardments of Syria based on the fake media reports and rushing to attack before any investigation. While the people of Syria have been suffering for 7 years, the solution is peace not continuity of this crazy nightmare of fear, war and destruction.

3/16/18: The peace Banner of World Sabbath Was Passed to Islamic House of wisdom in Preparation of Hosting the 20th Annual Interfaith Assembly for a World of Tolerance, Justice and Peace!

The Peace Banner of World Sabbath Was Passed to Islamic House of Wisdom in Preparation of Hosting the 20th Annual Interfaith Assembly for a World of Tolerance, Justice and Peace!

The 19th Annual World Sabbath was celebrated this afternoon in Christ Church Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills of Rev. Dr Danaher.

Chairperson- Gail Katz and her committee had done an amazing organization to bring such a colorful community of interfaith together! So happy to see Imam Mohammad Almasmari as recipient of this year's Award!

While receiving the banner of hosting the World Sabbath at Islamic House of Wisdom on March of 2019, Imam Elahi shared few humble words!
"It's true that justice should be the foundation of any civilized society, the journey of social life should continue with friendship, benevolence, love and peace. There is only One 

God, one universe, one humanity. As children of Adam and Eve, we are one family and family members must help and not hurt one another!
We pray for peace and justice for all people, in all places of this planet!

We are looking forward to host you all at Islamic House of Wisdom next March.

Please come hungry and enjoy Lebanese Hommous, tabbouli and fatouch appetizers!

3/16/18: 4 Hours of Intellectual Discussion on Principles Not Politics at the Redford Library!

4 Hours of Intellectual Discussion on Principles Not Politics at the Redford Library!



How China is winning the world's heart and mind through economy, construction and prosperity, not war and destruction!

Jason Ross, the LaRouche leader of Science Team was in Michigan today to provide some information about China's New Silk Road and how they built 15,000 miles of high-speed rail in less than 20 years, which brought millions of people out of poverty.

Imam Elahi participated in part of the discussion. In my friendly chatting with some organizers of the gathering Imam Elahi wished the USA architectures of the foreign policy would adopt something similar! Instead of just relying on the military power and warmongering start an outreach based on peace and prosperity and following a win-win interaction with every nation.

Only wise, visionary, patriotic and courageous leaders can put the principles and the true interests of our nation above the political pressure groups and lobbies and save our country from the darkness, mess, oppression and insanity of our time!
Education and awareness are the key, that was the reason Imam attended this afternoon meeting!

3/9/18: On this Heavenly Birthday of Islam's First Daughter Fatimah (as) and International women's Day!

On this Heavenly Birthday of Islam's First Daughter Fatimah (as) and International Women's Day! 

Congratulations to Abdulbari and his wife Amber for choosing such a great day to come to their House of Worship to express their allegiance to their Lord and to pledge their mutual love and loyalty to their marriage journey!

Birth of Fatima is a reminder of faith, family and moral civilization. IHW welcomes the youth to choose this occasion to establish their marriage relationship.

3/2/18: Special Prayer for Sheikh Saael Alataat!

Special Prayer for Sheikh Saael Alataat!


Sheikh Saael has been speaking and giving many lectures in the Arabic language for almost 30 years within the Dearborn area. Yesterday, Imam Elahi asked our mashayekh to visit him at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. A good number of the clergy community visited him during the day.

Last night, Shaikh Mohammad Malalla and Imam Elahi made a humble prayer with the presence of the sheikh's family at the hospital intensive care unit. The Sheikh's family told me that his situation started to get much better and he is out of a coma now. Alhamdulillah!! May God provide Sheikh Saael with a fast recovery, inshallah.

2/23/18: Ignoring the Gold and Rainy Weather, the dearborn community held vigil for Florida school shooting victims.

Ignoring the Cold and Rainy Weather, the Dearborn community held vigil for Florida school shooting victims.

There is no such a thing as 

good shooters or bad shooters, good terrorists or bad terrorists, good dictators or bad dictators! 

We all must stand against ignorance, injustice and evil regardless of race or religion of the evil doers!

From Rep Debbie Dingell, State Rep, Abdallah Hamoud, Chief Haddad and a number of other officials, City Council members and some community members who are running for the coming election such as Sam Beydoun and Gary Woronchak, also community activists such as Rabih Hamoud and Tarek Beydoun and a good group of students and neighbors attended, some spoke and all did a great job.

Rev. Fran and Imam Elahi offered some prayer and thoughts as well.
Some of Imam Elahi's Points....

Saluting the solidarity of our city with the suffering families in Florida. This is demonstration of your dignity, patriotism, compassion and your support for those hearts broken families who deserve our sincere prayers and support.
Standing against violence and protection of sacred lives is a moral and national duty of us all.
Hopefully the president and members of our Congress would listen to this loud national voice and recognize that in addition to prayer, actin is needed. Let's learn from nations such as Japan and Australia who made good gun control laws! Let's save 34000 American lives destroyed every year.

Let's put the sacredness of life ahead of greed and selfishness of this bloody business of gun glorification.
Let's prevent this kind of crimes through promotion of faith, family and moral values and also making laws that stop sick people and criminals from having access to guns.

In an interview with a reporter, Imam Elahi mentioned that instead of Nicolas who is a white supremacist, if the shooter had different name, the entire political propaganda machine would act 100 percent differently. Now no one calls Nicolas a terrorist, no one asked about his religion, his place of worship, his pastor. The president who uses the language of fire, fury, ban, bomb and burn, used the prayer and love language and asked the nation to answer evil with love and cruelty with kindness!

To win our struggle against violence and terrorism we must act with sincerity and the same standards.

There is no such a thing as good shooters and bad shooters, good terrorists and bad terrorists, good dictators and bad dictators!

We all must stand against ignorance, injustice and evil regardless of race or religion of the evil doers!

2/16/18: Interfaith Conference on Moral Values in Hamtramck Library!

Interfaith Conference on Moral Values in Hamtramck Library!


Thank you to brother- Arif Huskic and members of CWA for your great efforts to arrange such an educational and unifying conference on Monday night.

Imams, Pastors, Rabbis, teachers and community leaders one after another addressed the audience and promoted the message of morality and unity. Imam Elahi really enjoyed the diversity and beauty of different colors and cultures. He was also honored to share few words with our interfaith friends!

He started with a famous Hadith from prophet Mohammad (pbuh), saying, " I was assigned to complete the journey of morality that began with my brothers in mission and prophethood before me".

The messengers of God all promoted moral values such as love, patience, compassion, modesty, respect, forgiveness, friendship, reconciliation, responsibility, humbleness and hospitality etc.

Mahatma Gandhi said it was not sword that won a place for Islam in the world but the dedication, faith and fearlessness of prophet Mohammad.

Michael Hart in his book "The 100 most influential people in history", put Mohammad number one!

All because of the moral manners of this 

messenger of mercy, modesty, forgiveness and patience!

Imam Elahi ended with a Hadith from imam Zain Al-Abidin who summarized the message of all the prophets in three words: telling the truth, standing for justice, keeping our promise!

In the absence of these moral principles our world is in mess. Not morality but money talks.

Might has become right and the ends justify the means! This is dangerous and destructive!

For the societies to survive, morality is a must!

2/9/18: Thank you Dr. Ali Ajami for Calling for Action!

Thank you Dr. Ali Ajami for Calling for Action!


Imam Elahi enjoyed a conversation with Dr. Ali Ajami, former ambassador and current community Representative for American Educational Foundation and Hamadeh Educational Services.

We met after Friday prayer in the IHW Imam Hussein Hall to find a way to transfer the talk about drugs, depression, mental suffering and suicide to real actions and solutions in our community.

Obviously any dialogue about drugs that may bring public awareness and educate our youth about the catastrophic consequences of drug addiction is part of an action journey!

We talked about the problem of stigma in our cultural conceptions and need for honesty and openness in dealing with drugs disaster!

We decided to involve more people with knowledge and experience in this campaign and develop better and more effective plans of actions!

2/9/18: The Iraqi cultural center under the management and initiative of Saikh Hisham al-Husseini held an open dialogue under the relations between religion and politics last night!

The Iraqi cultural center under the management and initiative of Shaikh Hisham al-Husseini held an open dialogue under the relations between religion and politics last night!


Imam Elahi was one of the panelists who addressed the audience and answered their questions!

It was a good discussion on the issue of religion and politics and the meaning of separation of church and state.

Imam Elahi discussed this concept from different points of views!

Although in the USA which is a secular system and the constitution separates between politics and faith, still the motto is "In God we trust".

There is a prayer room in the Congress. We have a national day of prayer and also Thanksgiving!

In England the Queen is the head the Church of England!

In the US presidential elections. faith plays an important role in the candidates political campaigns!

Imam Elahi also spoke about the experience of Islamic Revolution in Iran in terms of religion and politics and the concept of Welayete Faqih from both supporters and also the opposition pointed of views!

2/2/18: Chicago World Peace Conference on True Family Values Great Success!

Chicago World Peace Conference on True Family Values Great Success!

Mayor and members of Chicago City Council in their messages to Dr. Michael Jenkins, Archbishop Stallings and other conference organizers, expressed their greetings and appreciation for such an initiative for the improvement of the family in the last 22 years. 

Imam Elahi received an opportunity to address hundreds of religious leaders from all over the country during the morning gathering and also the evening banquet. 

He spoke about the seriousness of family covenant in the Quran. A wonderful journey that starts with peace, love and mercy and aims to keep the presence of Divine deputy-ship on this planet. Reflecting on preparation for marriage, Imam Elahi mentioned that focusing on the beauty of belief, brain and behavior of a life partner should come before the beauty of body and appearance.

Imam Elahi spoke about the recent changes in definition of family institution in America, the breakdown of family foundation, increase in the children out of wedlock, chaotic number of divorces, unfortunate absence of safety and security in family relationships.
Returning to family values mentioned in God's messages would be the best way to fix the family foundation and save the present and future generations.

Also spoke about certain family values including faith, fairness, love, respect, responsibility, support, modesty, trust, generosity, courtesy and compassion.

He was amazed and humbled with the level of welcoming spirit and encouragement that he received by the religious leaders of diverse denominations.

1/12/18: Celebrating Dearborn Police department Progress!

Celebrating Dearborn Police Department Progress !


Chief Haddad, Mayor O'Reilly, Pastor King and Imam Elahi addressed the police and the participating guests!

Glad to share with you the transcript of Imam Elahi's benediction.

 " Salaam alaikum -Peace be upon you all!

It's a great pleasure to be here this morning. Thank you Mr. Mayor O'Reilly and Chief Ronald Haddad for including our interfaith network in this beautiful ceremony. 

Police Department is in charge of physical safety of our city, while the places of worships are in charge of moral and spiritual safety of our city.
Dearborn is a proud city, with so much progress in the past and promises for the future. Yet peace, safety and security are central for any progress and prosperity. 

We commend your dedication and courage for choosing this challenging mission to protect our people's life, property, freedom and integrity. 

Remember the second paragraph of the US Declaration of Independence! "All men are created equal, with the same rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"
May God help you to serve everyone regardless of color, race, religion or political orientation.As axes of order, rule of law, protection of people's civil rights and the first responders to the cases of violence, injustice and security crises, we ask the Almighty to strengthen you with wisdom and courage to be tough and powerful when dealing with criminals, drug dealers, trouble makers, drunk drivers, hate mongers, mass shooters and mess makers, while showing humbleness, compassion, respect , smile and understanding with all other people including those who may make little unintentional mistakes. 

I pray that your internal moral GPS reminds you all the times that you represent people's trust, vote and support! You are coming from the people to be with the people and for the people.
Our Mayer O'Reilly and Chief Haddad always talk about our community as one family.

As members of this family, May God bless you to be good examples of benevolence and brotherhood and never brutality and bad behaviors.
Remember that based on our Abrahamic traditions, serving people sincerely, is the greatest act of worshiping the Creator and the main purpose of His creation.
At the end, as I wish you and Dearborn a beautiful, happy and healthy New Year, let's all pray for the victims of yesterday flood in Santa Barbara in California and every other victims of flood, fire, war, hunger, poverty, racism, brutality and injustice in any neighborhood on this planet.

O Lord make us all, ambassadors of peace, truth and justice regardless of any possible price and sacrifice Amen!"