Poems & Stories

A Journey   -A poem on the tragedy of Karbala.                              

A Majestic Sight: the Holy Ka'abah by Suroor Fatima Rizvi - A poem contributed by a 15 year old about the Ka'abah.                               A Play about God by Muhammad Ladak   Views: 26943 See also another version of this play that has been adapted for the American English dialect.

                              A Soldier of Allah by Sr. Mahwash Hirmendi - A story about being visited by a soldier of Allah.

                              Anecdotes for Reflection by Sayyid Ali Akber Sadaaqat - Moral stories from the lives of the prophets, the Ahlul Bayt, and their companions. Includes topics such as sincerity, hope, altruism, and independence.

                              Anecdotes of Reflection - Part 3 by The Islamic Education Board - Moral stories from the lives of the prophets, the Ahlul Bayt and their companions.  Includes topics such as forgiveness, intellect, justice, and worship.                              

Anecdotes of Reflection Part 2 by Sayyid Ali Akber Sadaaqat - A collection of short moral stories from Islamic sources.

                              Benefits of Attending Madrasah: A Poem by Fatima Gulamhusein, Sabaira Jagani and Shaista Kassamali   Views: 23010 A poem on benefits of attending Madrasah classes. Composed by Grade 8 students at Al-Muntazir Madrasah, Vancouver, Canada.

                              Brothers by Mahwash Hirmendi- A story about a companion during the time of the Prophet (s). Excerpted from When Faith Reigns.

                              Encounter at the Hospital by Bint al-Huda - An Islamic novel by Bint al Huda. Dr Miyad is a very devoted Muslim doctor. One night she comes across an old patient in emergency unit. She saves the life of the patient with her hard work and becomes friend with Warqa, the granddaughter of the patient. Dr. Miyad proposes Warqa for marriage with her brother but discovers that Warqa’s grandmother doesn’t allow her because she thinks that her father killed Warqa’s father.

                              Eternal Manifestations: 80 Stories from the lfe of 'Allama Tabataba'i by Ahmad Luqmani- stories from the life of the great scholar and ascetic 'Allama Tabataba'i, author of Tafsir al-Mizan. Includes accounts from his personal life, his realtionship with his family, students and teachers, and examples of his extreme humility, knowledge and spirituality.

                              Friendly Letters by Bint al-Huda - These letters deal with common ideological problems of young Muslims. Sisters Wafa and Raja and sisters Zahra and Asma exchange letters on their personal problems and seek each other’s advice.                              

From A Shia Who's a Sunni victorynewsmagazine.com by Shaykh Ali Abu-Talib - A Poem By Shaykh Ali Abu-Talib Son Of AbdunNur

                              Fudhail by Sr. Mahwash Hirmendi   -An excerpt from When Faith Reigns

                              In Praise of the Imams by Br Ali Abbas- A poem in praise of the Imams (a)

                              In Search of Truth by Bint al-Huda - An Islamic novel by Bint al Huda. Sarah, a Christian and Mohsen a Muslim, both studying in third year of college decide to get married. Mohsen takes Sarah to an alim so that she says her Shahadah, but the alim insists that she learns basic Islamic teachings before she accepts Islam as her personal religion. Sarah’s cousin opposes this marriage and comes up with a wicked conspiracy to trap Mohsen…                              

Pearls of Wisdom - Short stories about the lives of the Ahlul Bayt (a) and their noble companions.                              

Pearls of Wisdom   -Short stories about the lives of the Ahlul Bayt (a) and their noble companions.

                              Ramadhan II by Askari Hussain - A poem on Ramadhan written by a young child.                              

Rays of the Sun: 83 Stories from the Life of Imam Khomeini (ra) by Foundation of the Representation of the Office of Spiritual Leadership in Universities - Stories from the personal and public life of the great scholar and leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Includes stories about Imam Khomeini's home life, his relationship with family members and with the public, his knowledge, his worship and his last days. Also includes an account of meeting Imam from the Western journalist Robin Woodsworth Carlsen.

Short Stories by Bint al-Huda - Short stories by Bint al Huda. In each story the author presents solutions to common ideological problems, cultural issues and practices, and personal dilemmas in the light of teachings of Islam. These stories are especially recommended for younger people living in societies dominated by non-Islamic culture and ideology.


The Battle of Karbala - A Marthiyaa of Anis, translated into English verse by David Matthews.


The Prayer of A Mother by Sr. Mahwash Hirmendi - The power of the prayer of a mother and the importance of taking care of her.


The Track of Blood by Musavi Garmarudi   -English poem in commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (a).


The Treasure by Sr. Mahwash Hirmendi - A story about a sad poem.


The Truthful Stone by Sr. Mahwash Hirmendi   - A story about an old lady and her ring.


Tranquil Heart: 43 Recollections of Imam Khomeini Relating to Prayers - recollections of Imam Khomeini relating to prayers (salaat) by individuals who spent time with him. The incidents emphasize the importance and love which the Imam gave to the Salaat.


Virtue Prevails by Bint al-Huda - An Islamic novel by Bint al Huda. This novel revolves around Sumayah, a very devout Muslim and her cousin Fitnah who has recently returned from a foreign country after several years. Sumayah is awaiting her fiancé who lives in Europe. Fitnah tries to influence Sumayah by her liberal ideas but she is defeated by her logical arguments. Fitnah thus plots to destroy her marital life….