Prophets in Islam ( النبوة في الإسلام)

Issaq (S) ( إسحاق)

Isaac (Ishaq) is a Prophet of God, who is the son of a Prophet of God. Prophet Muhammad praised Isaac in a hadith. The Prophet said that Joseph (Yusuf) was a genuinely generous person, as was his father Jacob (Ya^qub), as was his father, Isaac (Ishaq), as was his father Abraham (Ibrahim). Our Prophet praised all four of these Prophets, saying that they were genuinely generous. They were the only four consecutive Prophets, (father, son, grandson, and great-grandson).

Prophet Isaac was sent to the people of the Sham area (includes present day Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine). God revealed verse 113 of Suratus-Saffat. This verse means that God gave Abraham the good news of the coming of Isaac, and that he would be highly pious. God blessed Abraham, Isaac, and people from their children. God told that among their children were people who were fair to themselves, upright, and some were unfair to themselves and blasphemed.

When the young Isaac grew, Prophet Abraham told his son that he liked for him to marry a relative of theirs. Isaac married his cousin, by the name of Rafqah, the daughter of Batwil. Although for some time Rafqah was barren, later she delivered for him male twins, ^Is and Ya^qub (Jacob). Isaac had asked God to let her have children, and God fulfilled the request of Isaac.

It is stated that ^Is, the son of Isaac, married the daughter of Isma^il, who delivered a son named Ar-Rum. Some claim that the Romans are the descendants of this son. This is not a confirmed matter.

Isaac is cited several times in the Holy Qur’an. In Surah Sad, 45-7 God confirmed the Prophethood of Isaac. Also, Isaac is cited in Suratun-Nisa’ and Suratul-Baqarah.

Isaac was a fine Prophet of God, conveying the message of goodness, like all the other Prophets. Isaac reminded the people of the purpose of this life. He taught them the rules of the great, true Religion of Islam. He told the people of Paradise for some and Hellfire for others, just as the other Prophets did.

Isaac lived, preaching Islam, for 180 years. He died in the land of ash-Sham. He was buried next to his father in the same cave where Abraham and Sarah were buried, in Al-Khalil (Hebron), Palestine.

PROPHET ISAAC (ISHAQ) (blessings and peace be upon him),
by Islamic Knowledge