Q&A with Imam Elahi

Character & Morals

Q: Is it possible to have a world peace with the existence of prejudice and all the differences in nations and religion?
A: Yes, such a thing is possible if there is understanding, fairness, and a sense of mutual tolerance and respect between human being. Ignorance and arrogance are two enemies of world peace, but these can be eradicated if the majority of people involved themselves in dialogue and understanding. Allah says in the Qur'an that He "has made you males and females and of different nations and tribes so that you may know each other. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most pious of you". (49:13)

Q: I have found that my temper and my anger is really getting worse than I thought it could get. My anger is so bad that my head begins to really hurt and I begin shaking and getting out of breath when I get angry and the only way that I can stop is when I cry. I know in Islam it tells you that if you are standing when you get angry you should sit and if you are sitting down you should lay down, but my anger doesn't stop. I really want to be a very calm person, but when someone or something upsets me , I get really angry. Imam, what should I do to calm myself down? I don't want to hurt other people around me.
A:It seems your anger is covering up a deeper pain. It would be good for you to meditate on the source of your lack of inner peace and solve the root of the problem. Often when we lose our temper it's because we feel hurt about something else. When you are feeling angry ask yourself, "What am I not getting from this person that I need?" If you are lacking something, ask God to help you find ways to solve your problem in creative ways to get what you need out of life. Take responsibility for your own happiness instead of blaming other people for your unhappiness.