Q&A with Imam Elahi


Q: Does a Christian woman have to wear a veil? 
 Hijab is not only an Islamic tradition. It is mentioned in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and it is well- known that every statue or picture of the Virgin Mary we see her wearing hijab. Many Jewish and Christian women who follow the traditional teachings of those religions still practice this law.

Q: Is buying expensive jewelry like diamonds haram? 
 If someone lives in a poor community, it is not haram technically, but it is wrong morally!

Q: If a woman has too much jewelry that she doesn't wear, what should she do?
A: If she never uses them, she should pay the khoms for what she doesn't use.

Q: If a lady is a real good person that prays, fasts, etc.., but doesn't wear the veil, then what are the consequences?
 Her prayers and her fasts are okay if she did them with their right conditions, but she still is sinning for not observing her hijab.

Q: I am a 13 year old girl who has been wearing the hijab ever since I was 8. My mom and all my aunts wear it. I come from a very respectable family. Now I am starting to think that the hijab image is not what I want to be at this age. I am in the 8th grade and am really considering taking the hijab off before I get into the 9th grade. I've sort of talked to my mom and told her I will feel more happy and confident without it. IT'S NOT THAT I WANT TO EXPOSE MY BODY!!! I just want to be happy with who I am. I know when I get older I will consider putting it back on. I really think I made the wrong choice at such a young age.
 I think what is going on is that you tried to become a woman too early and you missed out on a couple years of childhood. Now that you are the age when the hijab is required, you realize what you lost, and you want to go back to being a little girl. One reason why hijab is important is to help keep your virginity until you get married. In High School you should definitely not go without it because the hijab protects your reputation and it helps to keep you serious and focused in life.

Q: Is it a sin (for girls) to wear a tight dress? 
 If it is provoking, then it is not for the public, it's okay to wear it in front of her mahrams.

Q: I have hijab. Can I take a picture without my scarf? (If the photographer is a woman) and if we can, can a non-mahram see it? 
 If it is for marriage purposes, yes.

Q: I would like to know the mahram and non-mahram for women. 
 The mahrams are: her father, grandfathers, brothers, husband, father-in-law, brothers' sons, sisters' sons. Look at the Quran:24-31.

Q: I am a Muslim girl living in the USA, and I would like to wear the hijab, because I know that it is necessary [fard] in our wonderful religion. However, there are many things that keep me away from it, like the necessity to keep a job in order to survive here. What should I do? I am lost and I really want to find a way out, because I really want to do everything God and the Prophet Muhammed Sallah Liah ailhi wa salam said to us.
A: I hope you can remove the obstacles of your hijab. In the US still we have a constitution. Fortunately we are not under French rules, therefore you can survive even with your hijab. This may not be easy, but it's a worthy challenge. When it comes to looking for a job, the most important thing is to wear your Islamic dress in a businesslike fashion to give the right impression. Stand up straight and have self-confidence. In America people respect those who respect themselves. Allah bless you for your dedication.