The Twelve Imams

Biographies and descriptions of the 12 Imams (S).​

The Ninth Imam: Muhammad Al Taqi Al Jawad

  • Name: Mohammad(as)
  • Title: Al-Jawad and Al-Taqi
  • Kunyat: Abu Jafar
  • Born: On Friday, 10th of Rajab, 195 AH, in Medina, Arabia
  • Father: The Eighth Imam Ali Al-Reda(as)
  • Mother: Umme Al-Sayyidah Subeeka
  • Date of death: 29th Thul Al-Qida 225AH, at the age of 30 years old.
  • Cause of Death: Murdered by poisoning by Muttassim Ibin Harroun Al-Abbassi
  • Buried: In Baghdad, Iraq. The Nineth Holy Imam Mohammad AI-Jawad the son of the Imam Ali AI-Reda and AI-Sayyidah Subeeka.
  • He died of poisoning and buried in Baghdad by his son the Tenth Imam Ali Al-Hadi(as), next to his grandfather grave in Kharthomiyah, a suburb of Baghdad, in Iraq where his shrine stands now along side his grandfather's the Seventh Imam Musa Al-Kharthom(as).

    Imam Muhammad (ibn Ali) Taq (sometimes called Jaway and Ibn al-Rida) was the son of the eighth Imam. He was born in 195/809 in Medina and according to Shi'ite traditions was martyred in 220/835, poisoned by his wife, the daughter of Ma'mun, at the instigation of the Abbasid caliph Mu'tasim. He was buried next to his grandfather, the seventh Imam, in Kazimayn. He became Imam after the death of his father through Divine Command and by the decree of his forefathers. At the time of the death of his father he was in Medina. Ma'mun called him to Baghdad which was then the capital of the caliphate and outwardly showed him much kindness. He even gave the Imam his daughter in marriage and kept him in Baghdad. In reality he wanted in this way to keep a close watch upon the Imam from both outside and within his own household. The Imam spent some time in Baghdad and then with the consent of Ma'mun set out for Medina where he remained until Ma'mun's death. When Mu'tasim became caliph he called the Imam back to Baghdad and, as we have seen, through the Imam's wife had him poisoned and killed.