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Brother ID#: 382

ID#: 382


Year of Birth: 1983

Height: 5’8”

City of Residence:  Dearborn  State: MI

Country of Citizenship: USA

Marital /status: Never Married

Origin: Lebanon

Occupation: Registered Nurse

High Level Education: Bachelor Degree

Smoking : Doesn’t matter

Hijab preference : Wear hijab regularly

Did you convert: No

Children: No

Interests/ Hobbies: Hobbies include learning more about Islam, wether through classes, lectures, or reading, nature-going to parks, traveling when given the opportunity, exercise, bike riding, site seeing, gardening, movies, volunteering.

More about yourself:I currently work as am RN and working towards a masters degree in Nursing Inshallah. My goal is to worship Allah SWT through the path of the Ahl al Bayt(A) and to find someone on the same path inshallah. I like to live a balanced life of worship, work, and leisure. I would consider myself as being simple and easygoing. During the summer, I like to take advantage of the warm weather, go to parks, and travel up north. I can also stay in and have a good time.

Describe the qualities or preferences you are seeking in a spouse:

Age Range: 25-35

Occupation: No preference. As long as Halal earnings.

Level of Education: At least some kind of post high school education. Preferred bachelors degree, but not requirement. All are welcome.

Should she want children: doesn’t matter

I prefer someone who is:  single

Body Type: slim

Height preference: Less than 5’8”

More Information about the spouse you are seeking:I am seeing someone whose goal is worshipping Allah SWT and lives a balanced life. Someone open-minded, nonjudgmental of others and can see the good in others despite our faults. Someone who likes to enjoy the simple things in life, exercise, movies, and so forth.

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