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Sister ID#: 377

D#: 377


Year of Birth: 1992

Height: 5’4”

City of Residence: westland    State:   Mi

Country of Citizenship: USA

Marital /status: Never married

Origin: Lebanon

Occupation: student Pharmacists

High Level Education: Doctoral Degree/ Ph.D

Smoking : Doesn't Smoke

Hijab preference : I don’t currently wear Hijab. I’m willing to wear hijab if my future husband wishes for that.

Did you convert: No

Children: No

Interests/ Hobbies: I love learning about everything when I have free time, or reading/listening to Quran, organizing/cleaning, cooking/baking, or exercising.

More about yourself: I am the most calm, ambitious and tolerant person you will meet. I’m very active and I like to stay busy throughout the day. When I have free time, you won’t find me watching TV like average person. I may sit down to watch TV with a relative for an hour a day to keep them company but I’m not a TV person! I like to always be presentable, to take care of my body, eat healthy, and to be very clean. I prefer to be with someone who lives a lifestyle similar to mine. I’m sure we all find it awkward to describe ourselves so there are some aspects of my personality you’ll have to find out for yourself!

Describe the qualities or preferences you are seeking in a spouse:

 Age Range: 28-36

Occupation: No preference but should have a stable career

Level of Education:  Bachelor’s degree or higher

Should he want children: yes

I prefer someone who is: single

Height: Taller than 5’8”

Body Type: average

More Information about the spouse you are seeking:

1- A man that prays and fasts, and is steadfast in his Deen.

2-A man with the best of intentions.

3-Someone who insightful, considerate, and understands the key of communication.

4-someone who is outgoing.

5-someone who is not lazy.

6- Maintain good hygiene, is clean and organized around the house.

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