Weekly Announcements


Letter to Catholic Interfaith Friends on the Occasion of Newly elected Pope
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Honorable Archbishop Allen Vigneron, yourself and the Catholic community in Detroit and the world on the election of Pope Francis. Certainly the news, "We have a pope" is extremely exiting for our brothers and sisters in the Catholic faith.

God willing interfaith relations between Muslims and Christians will keep improving, as we continue working together for peace and justice.

Many nations, in particular in the Middle East and Africa, suffer from the pain of poverty, war, violence, extremism and racism. Sincere dialogue, wisdom, love and kindness are among the best answer for the current chaos, confusion and crises in those regions.

We will continue to put our hearts and minds together and ask the Almighty to bless our cooperation for the sake of building a better world.

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi
Islamic House of Wisdom

Sheikh Ali Hassan Gholom, an imam of a Shia community in Kuwait welcomed by Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi at IHW.
During this visit, the challenges and opportunities of the Muslim communities both in Kuwait and the USA were discussed.___________________________________________________________

IHW would like to congratulate two honorable families,  Jawad and Saad on the occasion of the engagement of Jamal Jawad and Nadia Saad. Imam Elahi performed the ritual and recognized the covenant between the groom and the bride as they started their journey of love, respect and responsibility. We wish them a happy, healthy and blessed life!


  In the recent Sadr Foundation Dinner,  Dearborn Mayor John B. (Jack) O'Reilly, Jr. and Imam Elahi took the opportunity to discuss some community issues. They emphasized on the responsibility of every resident as freedom comes with responsibility. The cooperation between the city's houses of worship for the sake of moral education was discussed.


Tonight, Thursday : Dua Kumayl

Tomorrow, Friday - Join us for Prayer with Imam Elahi at 1:30pm!
* Note Time Change!

The Essence of Islam: Submission to the Creator, Compassion to the Creation!
The word Ehsan and its derivatives are mentioned in the Quran 144 times! The Quranic social relationship is based on two commandments of justice and love.
In this sermon the concept of kindness, its applications and blessings will be examined!

Tomorrow Night, Friday: 5:00-7:00pm
Interfaith Event
"Holy Day Celebration"- Muslim Girl Scouts

Muslim Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan troop 48050 is excited to invite you and your family to their Islamic "Holy Day Celebration."

During this unique interfaith event, troop 48050 will be presenting "Hajj" or the pilgrimage to Mecca. This play entails a demonstration of the rituals done at Hajj and an explanation of its significance. Traditional Middle Eastern sweets will be served at the end of the celebration.

    Please join us this Friday, March 15, 2013 from 5:00pm until 7:00pm at the Islamic House of Wisdom for this special event!
- Muslim Girl Scouts Troop 48050

Sunday- Breakfast & Service at 11:00am