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Sadr Foundation Delegation Visit to the Islamic House of Wisdom Revives the Memory of Imam Musa Sadr!
Last Night, Wednesday-  Sayedah Rabab Sadr Charafeddine, leading a delegation from the Foundation visited the Islamic House of Wisdom.
The chairman hajj Dave Abdallah and the directors of IHW welcomed and honored the guests with a dinner participated by a group of community religious leaders, heads of organizations and some members of IHW's congregation.
Sayedah Rabab thanked Imam Elahi and the board members for their hospitality and spoke about the foundation's educational services to the youth in Lebanon and some other parts of the Middle East.

In his address, imam Elahi called Imam Musa Sadr one of the most charismatic characters and leaders of the world in the 20th century.  A man of God with a mind full of wisdom and vision, a heart full of love and passion and a life full of service and achievement.

Speaking about the interfaith approaches of Imam Musa Sadr, Imam Elahi honored the openness, understanding, patience and passion of Imam Sadr for unity, cooperation and peaceful coexistence of all people regardless of their religious, race and nationality backgrounds.

Mentioning the current war and bloody violence in the Middle East, Imam Elahi concluded that the path to peace according to Imam Sadr would be dialogue and diplomatic communication and not through military and bloodshed. Those who reject dialogue and choose the path of death and destruction are responsible for the tragic pain and poverty of the people in the region. 
Photo highlights of the occasion, follow below...

Images by - Br. Nafeh AbuNab & Br. Mohammad Hassan Elahi - thank you! 

March 3rd- Health Event a Success!
Last Sunday, A special Health Seminar & Screening took place at the Islamic House of Wisdom.

Under the organization of Haji Dr. Vicki Ashker, members of the board, volunteers and in cooperation with Oakwood Hospital, participants of Sunday's Service had an opportunity to learn about healthy living strategies in addition to have their concerns and questions answered by various participating health professionals.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Samer Salka highlighted ways to achieving a healthy heart while touching on viable methods of heart attack and Stroke prevention. Following the presentation, several medical staff of Oakwood hospital were on the scene to do free screenings for diabetes, blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Participants appreciated the information and outreach and encouraged the IHW to organize more events like this in the future. If you would like to become involved in future Health Events and planning, please reply to this message for more information!

    Tonight: Dua Kumayl

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