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12/10/15 : Honoring Prophet Mohammad's (pbuh) Memory: Speaking Against Hate Talk, Bigotry, Racism & Irresponsible Leadership!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 12:30pm!  theme by Imam Elahi- 

"Honoring Prophet Mohammad's (pbuh) Memory: Speaking Against Hate Talk, Bigotry, Racism and Irresponsible Leadership!" 

Imam will also address the issue of the misleading, dangerous demagoguery and irresponsible generalizations of Mr. Trump's talks.

Islamic House of Wisdom Condemns San Bernardino Attack  

 News Media Highlights Last Week's English Friday Sermon- 


  Imam Elahi talking on Press TV about the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein (as) and current historic march in Karbala!


Fox 2 Detroit, Imam Elahi participates on "Let it Rip"  

While not only Islamophobia but hatred, harassment, threat, and other forms of backlash against Muslims went high after the terrible San Bernardino tragedy, Imam started his words in the show from Saudi Arabia: the worse source of support for terrorism in the world! 

The place that supposed to be the headquarter of Islam has turned into the headquarter of terrorism. 

 Imam read what the German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said. He urged Saudi Arabia to stop supporting the so called radicals and contribute to peace in the Middle East. Glad that 30 years later someone woke up and pointed a finger at a big root of the problem. 

We don't have Takfiri theology in Islam, we don't have radical Islam, if its radical, it isn't Islam. If Saudi is the closest Arab friend of the US, we don't need any foe! 

What is really the difference between the Saudi style of governance and ISIS? 

Both ruthless, both behead, both corrupt!


12/07/15: "Trump- an insult to the integrity of our entire Nation!"

Imam Elahi on the Sean Hannity Show- Sean Hannity said imam insulted Donald Trump by saying " if you are looking for entertainment and joking you should listen to Mr. Trump's talks, as we are approach the next election! Of course its OK for Mr. Trump to insult not only Muslims but the integrity of the entire nation!

Unfortunately the nature of this show doesn't give enough time for a relaxed, peaceful and deeply intellectual interaction. You are challenged to give right answers to wrong questions without having enough time! Yet none of Fox viewers can continue to claim that no imam condemned isis, Al-qaeda or terrorism in general.

My dear fellow citizens and specially Muslims! wake up and get engaged! The American values and most importantly our Constitution is under threat! It isn't about just Islamophobia, its about hate and harassment! We need to learn and help one another how to save our civil rights and American integrity!


Imam Elahi Calls Out Islamophobic Attacks made by Trump -Press TV

Donald Trump's Words are More than Just Islamophobia, but Hatred, Racism, Irresponsibility, and attack on the US Constitution and Integrity of this Nation.

Imam Elahi mentioned these words in his Talk with Press TV!


Imam Elahi Responding to Trump's Hateful Statements  

Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson- WDET, 101.9 FM


Faith, Family, Peace and Justice- Interfaith Conference in Chicago

UPF (Universal Peace Federation) held its 20th year since its establishment. The speakers included Dr. Thomas Walsh, Rev. Michel Jenkins, Dr. Michal Ross, Rev. David Casbo, Congressman Dan Burton, Richard de Sena and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi.

  The subject of Imam Elahi spoke about connection between family and interfaith

Family is not the first school of love but the first school of education, dialogue, communication, cooperation, peaceful co-existence, respect and responsibility.

So the main goals of interfaith should be taught during childhood and reinforced through the parents.

Imam spoke about the daily terrorist attacks in the Middle East, specifically Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen and the recent terrorism in Paris and San Bernardino andconcluded that terrorism is an international problem and requires an international solution. The policy of pick and choose will not help. We must deal with the causes of the problem and not the effects. The countries which have been training and arming isis and Al-qaeda can't be the ones who would end the isis.


When it comes to Unity, Let us walk our talk!

It was a rewarding night. As Imam Elahi arrived late from an interfaith Conference in Chicago, directly he went to the Unity Center in Bloomfield to join a fundraising effort for building a Muslim museum and mosque in Manhattan, New York.

In addition to imam Al-Masmary, imam Salim, and Imam Suliman- He was able to see imam Siraj Wahhaj from NY with members of Ground Zero projects including Br. Jamil and Br. Sajjad. Happy to see sister abdrabboh, the head of ADC and her husband there with their generous contribution.  On behalf of IHW and the Muslim Shia community of Dearborn we pledged a donation to help this beautiful new project to be built at a right time and place!


Oppression is not New... ASHURA "Who Said It?" 

Video by the Youth of Wisdom in Collaboration with Sabeel Media
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