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01/01/2016: Birthday of Prophet Mohammad: Birth of Light, Love, Trust & Truth!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 12:30pm- 

this week's theme by Imam Elahi:

What a better beginning than a passionate conversation with our Creator on the first day of 2016?

Prayer is more than begging our Lord for our personal problems!

The real prayer is about expression of our obedience, humiliation and total trust and dependency on the source of peace, power, wisdom, love and forgiveness!

The first and the best gift to ask in this New Year is the gift of guidance and wisdom!

Yes, the best way out of the mess of this troubled world is to first reach out to the most Merciful and ask for help, ask for healing, ask for justice, ask for reconciliation and specially ask for a better vision and wisdom in this deep darkness of ignorance, deception, division and destruction!

O Glorious God guide us and help us to replace our greed with giving, selfishness with sacrifice, brutality with benevolence,  fighting with fairness and friendship!

On the occasion of the birth of prophet Mohammad (pbuh), Imam Elahi will dedicate part of his sermon on some of his powerful prayers!


Join us as we Celebrate the Birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)-  
Tonight- Friday Evening, Jan. 1, 2016!

Dinner begins at 6:00pm- All Seats are already reserved for the dinner! 

The Community program begins at 7:00pm- No tickets needed for this segment. 
All are welcome!

Birthday of Prophet Mohammad: Birth of Light, Love, Trust & Truth!

O Prophet! We have sent you as a witness to the truth, a herald of glad tidings and a Warner! And as one inviting to God by His permission, and as a shining light-giving torch. [Quran 33:45-46]

Celebrating the birthday of Prophet Mohammad is to welcome the last heavenly messenger of mercy for mankind.
Mohammad was the continuity and completion of legacy of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Legacy of love, wisdom, peace, justice, truth and dignity!
During this Friday prayer, while starting our first day to New Year of 2016, we will assemble at Islamic House of Wisdom to celebrate the birth of this great moral model and the birth of Imam Al-Sadeq the leader of greatest educational revolution in history of our faith.
Let's start this year with prayer, prayer for a wiser world, a more understanding, humble and peaceful world. Let our prayer followed with engagement and action and turn to a tool of moral transformation. 
Enough of wars, violence, oppression, occupation, pain, suffering, hunger and tragic scenes of homeless and hungry refugees.

O God please help us, stop those oppressors, those who violate Your Commandments and those act evil in Your name, You are Lord of Love, stop the forces of hatred and hypocrisy. Ameen! 


Memorial Service
of The Late, Dr. Akram Ismail
Held last Saturday, 
December 26th.


Wishing you a Happy & Blessed New Year to come!   

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