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1/15/2016: Targeting Real Terrorists Rather than Prejudice, Harassment, Intimidation & Injustice Against Innocents Muslims!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 12:30pm-

this week's theme by Imam Elahi: "Targeting Real Terrorists Rather than Prejudice, Harassment,  Intimidation and Injustice Against Innocents Muslims!"  

In case you missed it- Last Week's English Sermon-"Beginning the Year with Prayer"


Prayer at the State Senate of Michigan's Capital!

By: Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi of Islamic House of Wisdom

Thursday, Jan. 14th- I would like to thank our honorable State Senator David Knezek for inviting me for the opening prayer of the Senate in the Capital. I admire his warm welcome, hospitality and giving me an opportunity to know and speak with a great number of the Senate face to face.

Dearborn Heights should be extremely proud of having such a dignified, dedicated and courageous voice in the State Senate. Someone asked me to post the text of this Morning Prayer. 

In The Name of God, The Compassionate, The Merciful!

Thank You Lord, Our Creator, Sustainer, and Gracious Guide! One God, with so many magnificent names!

Bless O Lord, each member of this legislature with confidence, courage, commitment and compassion, so they make sure that all people of our State enjoy protection, prosperity, Liberty and equal opportunity.

Please assist our representatives in their fight against poverty, prejudice, racial and religious discrimination.

We ask you Lord to energize this assembly and make it a house of harmony and hope for the hopeless!

Direct our Senators with Your Divine Light so they easily identify the State's priorities and principles beyond parties and personalities paths.

Please let the light of Your Divine Wisdom enlighten their debates, direct their decisions, so they are aware of Your presence in their intentions, expressions and actions. Let their laws represent Your Love, mercy, truth and justice.

Save them from any harm, confusion, contradiction and selfishness!

Help our State to help our nation and Let this beautiful country be a shining example of defending democracy, human dignity, and standing against the forces of injustice, tyranny, terrorism, corruption and crimes.

O Lord forgives us for our shortcomings, don't punish us for our mistakes, and help us to stay One Nation under Your Glory! Amin!


While the Enemies of Our Faith Move by Their Satanic Sword of Selfishness and Sin, Let's Move by the Power of Love and Mercy for Mankind!

Shared by Imam Elahi on facebook- A Few days ago I received a call from Red Cross asking me to stop by for some blood donation. I like to do this 3-4 times a year. They told me that the hospitals are in more need of blood in January because many people are busy of New Year and less traffic in blood donation centers. 

This morning I stopped by in Livonia Blood Donation Center. I like to encourage our community members to take blood donation more seriously. We have done this in many of our Ashura services at IHW in the last two decades.
While the enemies of our faith, gangsters like Saudi tyrants and their products such as isis and Al-Qaeda behead the innocents with their satanic swords of selfishness, evil intention and animalistic anger, let the true Muslims express maximum love, generosity and sacrifice for the sake of humanity. Let our blood win their swords!
As the procedure completed and I was about to leave the Livonia center, I got a great rewarding surprise! I saw a long time friend of mine in interfaith community Rev. David Kasbow! We both were amazed of such a moment! Two clergy from two faith traditions meet each other coincidentally at the same time, same place, for the same practice and purpose!
Sobhanallah, while everything in this world is about division, delusion and destruction, two things bring us together, true faith in God of Mercy and Compassion and sincere services to His servants and societies!    

Please Call Today!! - Also Shared by Imam Elahi-   

The Body of Martyr Shaikh Nimr Must Return to His Heartbroken Family to be Buried According to Their Religious Traditions.

The execution of Ayatollah sheikh Nimr Baqer Nimr on Jan 2nd was a tragic news for the lovers of peace, justice and truth in the world. The satanic monarchy of Saudi Royal Family is known as one of the world worst human rights violators and as the main financial supporter of Al-Qaeda, isis and other terrorist groups in the world.
The soft reaction of the White House to this crime enabled the criminal king of Saudi to continue his barbarian murders against other innocents. The silence towards the Saudi's inhuman ideology and actions has intoxicated this repressive regime to the extent that it has added a final insult refusing to return the beheaded body of martyr sheikh Nimr to his heart broken family.
It's a moral duty of every Muslim and every American citizen who cares for human integrity and rights to reach out to the White House and the Congress asking them to stop the US closest Arab ally from these barbarian executions and return the sheikh's body to his relative and let them bury him within their religious traditions!
Please call the White House, your Senators and Congress representative today!
Our national Islamic organizations such as ISNA, CAIR and others may be able to talk with Saudi embassy in Washington DC. I will call them today and good if you do the same as well!


Interfaith Program This Sunday- Imam Elahi will be part of the program. All are welcome and encouraged to participate!


Marriage is a great tradition in the Islamic faith. While the secular culture is changing the definition, sacredness and the culture of marriage, the people of faith are encouraged to help the youth to get married and contribute to the society through raising right kids. The obstacles of marriage must be removed and this covenant must be promoted with all people of faith and family values.

Imam Elahi performed the marriages and asked the new couples to remember that the word "I Do" is a life long commitment between husband and wife. This commitment must be honored with love, respect, piety and justice.

Religious marriage between Mohammad Reda
 & Yenny Nehme

Religious marriage between Waleed & Maria Jammal


Wishing you a Happy & Blessed New Year to come!   

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