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1/28/2016: Ayatollah Sistani's Message to the Young Generation: Faith, Family, Ethics, Education, Acts of Kindness and Sense of Responsibility

Friday Prayer, Tomorrow at 12:30pm-

this week's theme by Imam Elahi: 

 Ayatollah Sistani's Message to the Young Generation: Faith, Family, Ethics, Education, Acts of Kindness and Sense of Responsibility!
Also-  Depression, Drugs, Mental Disorder, Death and Disaster!

Dr. Halim Naeem, an expert in Mental Health and Human Behavior will Answer Your Questions Regarding Mental Health Issuesafter Friday prayer tomorrow!

Dr. Halim is the president of Muslim Mental Health and organizer of the upcoming 8th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference in Dearborn on March 17th-20th.

The Muslim community like the rest of society is not immune from social problems. 

During the week Imam Elahi receives a number of people who ask for prayer for themselves or for a son, daughter, husband, wife, friend, relative, or neighbors who may suffer from a physical or psychological disease. 

No faithful would ever doubt the power of prayer, but prayer is not a substitute for action, taking medicine and medical treatment. Our mental system just like our body may get sick and require immediate attention. 

The prayer is to bless the health prescriptions and provide the patients with hope, trust and sometimes even miracles, however if there is no efforts and no treatment, then what should be blessed? 

Some people tell me that they are under the jinn's possession or someone did them a sehr (sorcery). 

In reality it might be a chemical imbalance of the brain, which has nothing to do with jinns or sorcery!

O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know. 62:9

Last Week's English Friday Sermon by Imam Elahi- Justice: The Main Mission of All Messengers- the Source of Peace, Love, Health & Happiness


Last Sunday at the IHW - 
Interfaith Breakfast and Friendly Chat Builds Better Bridges of Knowledge & Understanding Among Our Neighbors!

We like to thank all especially three brothers who played a big role either in organizing or running the gathering

hajj Hussein Dekmak, Steven Urenda and Ismail Bachir! There were so many great comments, questions and recommendations to continue this awakening interaction and intention to continue this monthly.

The discussion covered some verses from the Bible and the Quran,Islamophobia, the meaning of Jihad, justice, symbols of terrorist groups such as isis, Alqaeda and finally a discussion about 9/11 report and truth about the story of 28 pages.  Everyone emphasized on the importance of education to remove the general ignorance. Also the community engagement to communicate with political leaders and correct some of the public policies.  Soon we will finalize the date for the next meeting, we will let you know.  Blessings!


"Loss of Our Youth, Tragedy for All! Let us all take a stance!"

Video thought from home- Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi- " I decided to share with you a video message on this serious threat targeting the youth, the real capital of our community! Originally I thought to say just a few points but I ended up pouring my heart out!
I appreciate your patience and grateful if you add your comments/feedback/suggestions. I promise to read your points and other friends would benefit as well. God bless your mind, heart and engagements! with peace, Imam Elahi "


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