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2/4/2016: President Mosque Visitation: Right Message, Right Time! Islamophobic Hatred Violates the Order of "You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself!

Friday Prayer, Tomorrow at 12:30pm-

this week's theme by Imam Elahi:  

President Mosque Visitation: Right Message, Right Time! Islamophobic Hatred Violates the Order of "You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself!"

Last Week's English Sermon- The Real Meaning of Jihad and Peace in Islam! See video to the right!


Please join us this Saturday- 

On January 02, 2016, Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, a man who stood for equality, justice, and freedom, was executed in Saudi Arabia for speaking out against oppression, injustice, and terrorism. 

Everyone is asked to please join together this Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 7PM at the Islamic House of Wisdom to observe a moment of silence and participate in a candlelight vigil/majlis to commemorate the Arbaeen (40th) day of his execution.


Imam Elahi's talk with National Public Radio about the President's Mosque Visitation and his stance against Extremism. 

Mohammad Nimr, the son of Shahid Nimr Baqer Nimr visited Islamic House of Wisdom

Last Friday, Imam Elahi welcomed to our office Br. Mohammad Nimr, the son of martyr Shaikh Nimr Baqer Nimr. It happened at the time that Shaikh Mohammad Sarwar, the famous translator of the Quran from Arabic to English and Dr. Halim Naim- the organizer of the Annual conference of mental health issues who had joined our Friday prayer was visiting.

In Mohammad's face, eyes, character

and communication I saw the legacy of his father. Mohammad lost his mom right after his father was shot and arrested. He told us that in the last 4 years, his father was held in a small prison cell with no access to sunlight. He had no access to right treatment and medicine even after he was shot by Saudi police. He never had any fair court hearing or any human rights consideration. 
More than one month after beheading of sheikh Nimir, the Saudi regime still has not given his body back, nor let the family know where he has been buried. 

To hear the story of the criminal killing of sheikh Nimir from the words of his son, please join us this Saturday at 7pm- located at the Islamic House of Wisdom. 

The service will follow with a light dinner on the soul of Shahid Shaikh Nimr!


An Exciting Night of Solidarity and Support By Friends of Flint!

Sad to see the suffering of Flint's residents but happy to see all of the sincere scenes of solidarity.

Thank you Senator David Knezek for your leadership.

Thank you all of our representatives and officials from all of our neighboring cites for showing such an exciting and energizing night of support and solidarity for the residents of Flint.

$14,000 in addition to hundreds of thousands of bottles of water were collected tonight to be shipped to Flint right away. 
Senator David appreciated the Muslim community for being the first groups who stood for the people of Flint and acted right from the beginning of this disaster. 

Islamic House of Wisdom and Who is Hussein were among many other organizations and volunteers in the community to collect and sending supply to Flint since the beginning of this water crisis. 
As we continue to pray for Flint, we should continue to extend our hands of love and assistance to our fellow citizens in Flint. Obviously our struggle doesn't end in Flint, we are facing so many other peoples locally and internationally who live under fear, pain and frustration and in bad need of healing and help. May God guide and save us all.


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