Weekly Announcements

3/10/2016: Islam is About: Faith, Truth, Love, Beauty & Balance! Hate, Evil and Ugliness have no place in the Religion of Mercy!

Friday Prayer with Imam Elahi at 12:30pm

"Islam is About: Faith, Truth, Love, Beauty & Balance! Hate, Evil and Ugliness have no place in the Religion of Mercy!"

The sermons will also cover a response to the latest Donald Trump extremely unfair, irresponsible and outrageous Islamophobic attack. 

Islam doesn't hate people, it hates terrorism and oppression!

O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know! [62:9]

Last Week's English Sermon by Imam Elahi: "Fatimah (as): Lady of Light, Gate of God's Grace & Legacy of Love"


Today- Imam Elahi interviewed by BBC World in Washington, D.C. 

Highlighting mainly imam's experience of America and the situation of the Muslim community in the US.

We will let you know the date of its airing!


 Spiritual Identity of the Youth  

The tragic death of a young member of our community, marhoom Hassan Alhaj Ahmad was a time to focus on spiritual identity of our youth. Hassan's honorable family with a number of religious speakers gathered at IHW and while addressing a large gathering of community members, Imam Elahi took time to reflect on the youth issues. Hassan was a young man with a beautiful vision for his future, but in an unfortunate car accident, he left this world.  

Reflecting on the present struggles of our youth in theMuslim community, Imam Elahi emphasized on the importance of good education, engagement, hard work, outreach and learning from the experience of the elderly, blessed with spiritual identity, strong faith, Prayer, patience and humbleness 

Living in America and having all these educational opportunities leave no excuse for our youth to ignore education and God forbid get close to drugs, alcohol and other evil addictions.


Students from Ohio State University Visited the Islamic House of Wisdom

Sheikh Hassan Habhab led the students through a discussion where they had an opportunity to have all of their questions related to Islam answered.  As always, it was a pleasure to engage in dialogue in hope of building bridges of understanding and unity. 

The Islamic House of Wisdom regularly hosts interfaith and university groups seeking to better understand Islam. If you would like to have a tour of the mosque or would like to set up a meeting to discuss anything related to Islam as a group or individually- feel free to call the Islamic House of Wisdom to arrange details for a meeting! (313) 359-1221


Fatimiya Program held at the Islamic House of Wisdom

Last Friday & Saturday- the Islamic House of Wisdom in collaboration with the Mainstay Foundation hosted a two-night Fatimiya Program featuring guest speakers: Sayyid H. Bahr AlAloom, Br. Jalal Moughania and Hajj Abatha Al-Halwachi. The program was well received and appreciated by many.