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3/25/2016: American Radicalization- As Dangerous as Religious Radicalization! Family the First School of Moderation!

Join us for Friday Prayer with Imam Elahi at 1:30pm

"American Radicalization-  As Dangerous as Religious Radicalization! Family the First School of Moderation!"

Sayyeda Fatimah (as) and a Life with 10 Best Choices! 

Starting this Friday, Imam Elahi will begin a series of sermons related to the character of the First Lady of Ahlul-Bayt (as). It's about 10 characteristics that may make our life a Fatimiyah life!  

She was the First Lady without living in a palace or wearing spectacular fashionable clothes. Fatimah's success was due to her extraordinary ability to make the best ten choices in her life! 

O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know! [62:9]

Last Week's English Sermon- "Spring- Awakening, Interaction, Appreciation & Faithful Action"


It was a pleasure to welcome Sayyeda Robab Al-Sadr and Sayyed Najat Charafoddin and Mrs. Saleh to our office right after the Friday prayer. We had an interesting discussion on the projects and programs of Sadr Foundation in Lebanon and some other Gulf states. Its a blessing to see the legacy of Imam Musa Sadr is growing more than any other time under the leadership of Imam Sadr's sister, Al-Sayyeda Robab. Its an honor the see Muslim women at such a leadership level.

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi briefed Sayyeda Robab about IHW services and situation of the Muslim community. In particular the concerning conditions of the youth and urgent need to save them from physical, spiritual and intellectual threats. The significant role of IHW in bringing interfaith awareness and increasing their support for the Muslim community and continuity of this commitment were emphasized .


Pictures taken at the United Methodist Church in Birmingham with the presence of Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, Sheikh Hassan Habhab and Sheikh Mahmood Alkhuzaei in addition to some of the christian leaders related to the interfaith interest of the church. The meeting turned out to be a great discussion covering a large range of religious issues. 

Imam Elahi took his time to answer many questions from the participants while encouraging the concept of interfaith meetings that would be helpful towards building bridges of dialogue and understanding.


The memorial service for the late, Nader Hajj Ahmad was held at the Islamic House of Wisdom last Sunday!

There were beautiful messages from religious leaders, the late Nader's parents, hajj Mohammad Haj Ahmad and The Attorney Jamileh Shdid, also Nader's brother, sister and many friends and relatives.

Imam Elahi spoke about vulnerability of the youth toward the social and moral crisis. He shared some information based on the recent studies on problems such as mental disorder, depression, drugs and suicide and asked the community members to take action.
 The imam encouraged Nader's family to play a leadership role and help arranging a Town Hall Meeting based on their heartbreaking experience to form a support system for saving the souls of our community's youth from destruction.

Imam Elahi offered Islamic House of Wisdom availability and support for any Town Hall Meetings, conferences and gathering that may help protecting the young generation from physical, spiritual and mental diseases.


Celebrating the Beginning of Spring!

The first day of Spring marks the New Year and a national holiday in some countries in the Middle East and Asia.

President Obama sent a message to the Iranian people and wished them a happy NewYear.

The Razavi School coordinated acelebration followed with a dinner at IHW.  

Imam Elahi reflected on the spiritual aspect of this historical New Year and concluded by emphasizing on important of time management as the resolution for this new season. Time for prayer, time for work, time for family and friendsand time for rest and joy!


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