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2/25/2016: Characteristics & Qualifications of an Ideal Quranic Society?!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 12:30pm-

this week's theme by Imam Elahi: 

"What Are the Major Characteristics and Qualifications of an Islamic Community?

What are the differences between an ideal Quranic society and the Islamic societies in the real world today? 
What is the meaning and role of family in building an ideal community? 

O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know! [62:9]


Imam Elahi speaks at St. Bonaventure Franciscan Church!

It was a great pleasure to address a large crowd of Christian brothers and sisters in Bonaventure Center in Detroit last Sunday.

Shaikh Hassan Habhab, Br. Arif Huskic an interfaith activist in Michigan and some other friends joined Imam Elahi in this beautiful event.

Imam Elahi was impressed with the passion, courtesy and hospitality of that faithful congregation. They were thirsty of knowledge about Islam. 

The lecture and Q&A lasted for almost an hour and half and the audience was still interested to ask and know more!

Subjects touched on were the concept of prayer, fasting, pilgrimage to the meaning of Sharia law, jihad, justice, The Holy Quran, the diversity in Islam, the cooperation between Muslims and Christians, the position of isis, Saudi among the Muslims and so on!

If it was not for a busy schedule that Imam had to leave, the discussion could've lasted longer!
Let's continue talking about these issues and others, when we host our own interfaith partners this Saturday 6:30 pm at Islamic House of Wisdom.


Congratulations to hajja Saeedeh Elahi, Karimi

Despite of being a wife, mother and with household responsibilities Saeedeh succeeded in continuity of her education and gaining her Master as a Nurse Practitioner. 

Last weekend, she invited some families and friends and served all a delicious dinner prepared by herself and her mom.

Congratulations to her and her honorable husband, hajj Mohammad Karimi and their kids, Ehsan and Erfan. 
Wish her and all the youth in our community the best in their education and serving our community and country.


This Saturday, Feb. 27th- 6:30pm!   Open Q&A about Islam, Please Join us!

Welcome to our second open Q&A for the public at the Islamic House of Wisdom! 
This is an open to the public invitation to come and sit and have friendly dialogue about any questions or concerns you may have with the faith of Islam, Islamic culture, or current events.

Beginning with discussion and closing with a light dinner!

The first open Q&A went really well and we literally ran out of time during the dialogue so we're creating a couple of changes to open the floor.

As before - the goal is dialogue, let's talk!  This will not be a religious lecture or a debate, it is instead a grass roots community meeting to build bridges and get to know one another. We hope to see you there!


Upcoming Fatimiyah Program

at the Islamic House of Wisdom

Friday (March 4th)  

& Saturday (March 5th) 
at 7:30pm! 

With Guest Speakers- 

Hajj Abathar Al-Halwachi - Sayyid H Bahr Al-Aloom - Br. Jalal Moughania


Imam Elahi performed the Islamic marriage of Br. Adil Al-Maliky and Sr. Britney Gibbs. We pray for a blessed and fruitful life together! 


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