Weekly Announcements

03/31/16: Birth of Fatimah: Birth of Beauty, Blessing, Heavenly Light, Spirituality & Faith

Join us for Friday Prayer with Imam Elahi at 1:30pm

This week's theme: "Birth of Fatimah: Birth of Beauty, Blessing, Heavenly Light, Spirituality and Faith"

Islamophobia Indicates the Evil of Ignorance, Prejudices and Fear-mongering!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know! [62:9]

Last Week's English Sermon: "American Radicalization- As Dangerous as Religious Radicalization, Family the First School of Moderation" 


Last Night- 
Imam Elahi on Fox News

On Fox News last night, both Sean Hannity and Pastor Jeffress stood against Imam Elahi! 
Fox News didn't put that segment online yet some of those who saw the show live sent us some comments.

The comments received show that no matter how biased the show is, there are still many listeners who receive the truth despite the (misleading) intention of the show. This is why imam accepted this kind of interview as a rewarding jihad to relay the beauty of Islam and to reject the misinformation being spread from the table of Islamophobes. Islam is not evil, Islam is peace.
Ignorance, injustice, racism and prejudice are evil.


Lebanese Physicians Association Host Blood Drive at the IHW

Thank you to the Lebanese Physicians Association , Message of Hope and Islamic House of Wisdom for your inspiring blood donation initiative. Hamdellah your work was a great success. You showed with your action that our faith is about kindness and compassion. Volunteers were there till the last minute. If the medical team could stay longer, there was not a shortage of those who cared for the suffering in the hospitals in Michigan.

Islamic House of Wisdom is not just a place for prayer, it's a community center working non-stop for outreach, education, extending helping hands to answer any call for the sake of service, love and unity.

Look at IHW as your house of hope at all happy, sad, depressive or delighting times. 


Exposing the Saudi Sources of Hate and Violence Preaching!

Last Thursday Night- Fox News aired only half of the interview. Imam Elahi had explained how Muslims are targeted both by isis and other Takfiri terrorists on one side and the KKK mentality and psychological war on the other side!

If Saudis were punished for beheading of sheikh Nimr, They couldn't arrest Sheikh Hussein Razi. Time to end hypocrisy and speak up!


Fatimiya Play

  Congratulations to "Journey To Hussain" for their performance of a Fatimiya Play that was held at the IHW last Friday evening. The group put a lot of effort and preparation into the informational performance. We wish the group the best in all of their outreach and educational activities!    


Did you Know?! 
EVERY Friday at the Islamic House of Wisdom- Boxes of food are packed and handed out for those who are in need? If you know of a family in need or even if your own family is struggling and could use some extra food items - we encourage you to stop by or take a moment to share this message in case any one else could be of benefit from this humble service. 
Weekly, the food is available from 10:30-12:00pm- first come basis until all boxes are handed out. Nothing is required, no proof of income, just a sincere intention to help someone, even help yourself or family in need


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