Weekly Announcements

04/15/16: Events this Week at the IHW!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm! 

O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know! [62:9]


                                                 Meeting of Compassion and Consciousness at IHW                                                          

Following Wednesday night's meeting, a Town Hall gathering to address Drugs, Depression and Suicide will be held at the Islamic House of Wisdom Soon!

A good number of imams, university professors, psychologists, medical doctors, city officials and community activists answered Imam Elahi's call for an urgent meeting to organize an educational Town Hall Meeting addressing the struggles and suffering of our youth.

The participants enriched the discussion with their wealth of information, expertise, experiences, suggestions and preparation to do all it takes to be part of a support system and awakening movement in the community.

The participants focused on mental issues, depression, prescribed drugs issues, the suicide tsunami and related social,moral and spiritual threats.

The group emphasized on the importance of participation of the community's youth in this new movement! 

The participants fixed Monday, April 25th at 6 pm to meet again to finalize some details of the Town Hall meeting.

During The Town Hall, a candlelight vigil for the recent victims of depression and mental health problems will be held!

Please take advantage of this momentum and help us with your ideas, time and talent!Promise and perform please! It's about commitment and action, not claim!

We are so grateful to all, especially the heartbroken family of Nader Mohammad Hage who shared the painful experience of their son death with IHW guests!


Imam Elahi, Imam Mustafa Al-Turk, Osama Seblini and Rashida Taleb, talking on the Election and the Muslim Perspective.


Christian delegation from Arizona attended the Friday prayer at IHW-

This is one of the blessings to receive even the non-Muslims who are thirsty of truth to attend the Friday prayers.

Last Friday, a group of sincere sisters and brothers from an Arizona church attended IHW's Friday prayer and sermons. Following the prayer they joined the imam Elahi in his office for more than an hour of conversation, questions and answers. The guests were extremely impressed with the mosque humble and heartfelt welcoming and hospitality.


Last Weekend: A memorial Service was held in honor of Imam Al-Sadr & Bint Al-Huda.  


Last Friday after the prayer, imam Elahi had some preliminary discussions on the community town hall with some people including Dr. Halim Naeem (the organizer of Muslim Mental Health Issues for the last 8 years) and hajj Mohammad Turfe- the founder of Bint Jbeil Cultural Center.

Those of you who are interested to be part of this educational community call, please join us for the next organizational meeting! Time for action! Let's be part of the solution!


Last Wednesday's Meeting of West Detroit's Civic Association

The group held their annual meeting at the Islamic House of Wisdom to discuss ways to improve the West Detroit neighborhoods. Representatives of the association, some elected officials and representatives of the police department participated in the meeting. The group chose to meet at the Islamic House of Wisdom because of its safe, accessible and open atmosphere. We admire the willingness and initiatives taken by the civic association to improve our neighboring communities. 


We would like to congratulate Ghandi Cheaito and Elda Rodriguez on their marriage performed by Imam Elahi at the IHW!


Imam Elahi performed the marriage between Banafsheh Motazedi and Sawsan Bokanizad!
Congratulations to both families on the unity of marriage!