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11/26/15: Honoring Thanksgiving Tradition, Remembering the Suffering, Pain and Sacrifice of Victims of War, Violence & Terrorism!

Tomorrow- Join us for Friday Prayer at 12:30pm!

Theme by Imam Elahi- Honoring Thanksgiving Tradition, Remembering the Suffering, Pain and Sacrifice of Victims of War, Violence & Terrorism!


Local Muslims Hope to Shatter Stereotypes- Defeat Islamophobia! Please share and send us your thought!

Carmen Harlan of Channel 4, called it open, honest and to the point!

It was a conversation following recent bloody terrorist tragedies in Beirut and Paris. Carmen of Channel 4 and her team came to the IHW and spoke with hajja Nawal, Dr. Rima, hajj Hussein and Imam Elahi. The conversation was over an hour, but the station had only 3 minutes but they were generous enough to extend it to 5 minuets and 30 seconds! This was aired last night on Channel 4 News. 
If you like to see a longer version of the conversation (yet not the entire hour) on the station page, you may click: HERE


In Memory of The Late, 

Campbell "Carl" Eastman

Arbaeen (40th) Commemoration Service

This Sunday- November 29, 2015 at 11:00 am

(Breakfast will be served at the start of the program)

Beloved Husband of Hajji Mariam Alawan

Beloved father of Tauric, Sean Ali & Melynda 

Beloved Father-in-Law of Lina | Beloved grandfather of Jad & Justin| Beloved brother ofRobert Eastman and Hajji Cassandra Roger | Beloved brother-in-law of Haj Haidar Alawan & Haj Eide Alawan |  Beloved uncle of all Nieces and Nephews| Beloved Nephew of Hajji Ilmaza Habhab


Rabbi Dovid Weiss of New York Jewish community visited IHW, participated in the Friday prayer and met with imam Elahi. 
The Rabbi, a member of Haredi Jewish denomination addressed the Friday audience and stated that Israel represents the secular ideology of Zionism and in no way represents the Jewish traditions. 
Rabbi Weiss travels all over the world to promote peace and justice and to oppose occupation and oppression.

Above photo: Some Christian students from Madonna University, Sheikh Hisham al-Hussainy, hajj Walid, a leader from the Yemeni community & Imam Elahi. 



11/20/15:Council of Imams and Interfaith Leaders Condemned Bloodshed in Beirut, Paris, Called for Defeat of Terrorism and Compassion for Refugees!

Today- Join us for Friday Prayer at 12:30pm 

Council of Imams and Interfaith Leaders Condemned Bloodshed in Beirut, Paris, Called for Defeat of Terrorism and Compassion for Refugees!

Last Week's English Sermon-  "Islam, Religion of Wisdom, Integrity & Justice"


Press Conference Held by the Michigan Council of Imams
"Michigan Imams Condemn Terrorism, Urge Solidarity!"

11/18/15:  Following the tragicterrorist attacks in Beirut, Paris and news related to the existence of ISIS cells in the US- in addition to the crisis related to the refugees, the Council of Imams in Michigan held a press conference to express the thoughts, concerns and position of the Muslim community regarding these critical issues.
The Press meeting was held at the Islamic House of Wisdom located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. 

In Video- Message by Imam Elahi in the Imams Council Press Conference

Message delivered by
Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi-

Co-Chair of the Imams Council

"The barbarian bloodshed in Beirut and Paris and daily terrorist attacks in other parts of the Middle East and Africa are all warnings for us to take terrorism very seriously. We must demonstrate better determination to stop this aggression and uprooted from its foundations.

Since the goals of isis, Al-qaeda, Boko-haram and other criminal cults is to create confusion, fear and division; it's time for a greater national awareness, unity and solidarity to fight this cancer. Though both Muslims and Christians were the targets in Beirut and Paris, we Muslims have the right to be angrier at isis and other monsters. Not only the criminals are shedding the blood of our brothers and sisters on daily base, but they are also attacking our faith and integrity.

Just like drug dealers who steal the identity of individuals and use it for criminal purposes, isis, Al-Qaeda and other criminals are hijacking our Islamic identity and destroying our faith and belief system.

Islam is about peace, justice, freedom and human integrity, but isis and similar evil cults are the enemies of all these values. They are agents of hatred, hypocrisy, greed, destruction and domination. There nothing sacred to them: They even attack mosques and places of worship and murder imams and great scholars and men, women and children who are praying and listening to  Quran recitation. Isis and other terrorists represent the darkness of ignorance, arrogance, evil and injustice but certainly not Islam.

Watch Full Press Conference- Michigan Imams Condemn Terrorism, Urge Solidarity

The Muslim community is targeted by two kinds of terrorism! The physical terrorism by isis and the psychological terrorism by Islamophobia.

While each and every day in America an average of 44 innocent people are shot or murdered, the media makes no mention to these killers' religious affiliations. But when it comes to isis, certain media focus on their faith not their actions. It seems to me that some media and politicians have problem with Islam not isis!!

I believe that victory over isis can be a matter of weeks rather than years. We all know which countries in the Middle Eastsupport isis and terrorism in general, with ideology, arm, man power and media, we know who is fighting whom in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan. In reality the main sources of support for terrorism in the region are the closest kingdoms and

Arab allies of the United States. The shortest way to win this war is to prevent those allies from empowering all kinds of terrorism, war and violence in the world.   

President Hollande stated that the terrorist attack in Paris was planned in Syria. The question is how the so-called rebels in Syria all the sudden turned to terrorists and rewarded their supporters with mass murdering in Paris? Isn't the time to learn a lesson, stop deceiving ourselves and get serious in our fight against terrorism?

Let the political destiny of the Syrian people be decided by people ballets and not the terrorists' bullets!

It's unfair and immoral to add more insult to the injury of the Syrian refugees and accuse them of terrorism, while they are the real victims of war and terrorism. The Syrian people used to live in a peaceful and prosperous country and never planned or desired to leave their country. Let's show them some healing and compassion. Hurting the refugees is helping isis, since it is isis that wants to catch them and recruit them in the criminal cult.

Regarding the news of existence of isis sleeping cells in Michigan or any other State, if it's true, we ask the FBI and other authorities to act sooner rather than later. It's our religious and also citizenship duty to stand against anything that may threaten the security and safety of our community and country. It's a moral obligation of every citizen to report any violent or terrorist move by any individual regardless of religion, race, language and any other identity. Let's remember it was Zohair, a French Muslim guard who saved hundreds of lives in recent Paris tragedy with his courage, commitment and determination!" 


Media Coverage of the Press Conference


Imam Elahi on Fox News- 

 Calls for all to be united against Terrorism!

Why Imam Elahi accepted to talk on the Sean Hannity show?

Using the channels that create confusion in hope of providing a little light, correction and guidance. We know they invite us but then don't give us right time to tell the truth, yet we don't have too many options. Either absolute silence and let them say all they want or do our best even if the result is 5 percent.

كما قال المقدس سيد عبدالحسين شرف الدين العاملي
لا ينتشر الهدي الا من حيث انتشر الضلال 




11/12/15: Condemnation of the Barbarian Bloodshed in Beirut- Absolute Removal of all Roots of the Takfiri Monstrous Murders is a Global Human Duty!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 12:30pm-

this week's theme by Imam Elahi:  "Condemnation of the Barbarian Bloodshed in Beirut. Absolute Removal of all Roots of the Takfiri Monstrous Murders is a Global Human Duty!"

Islam is religion of wisdom, integrity and justice. The forces of tyranny, terrorism, hatred, hypocrisy and graduates of the evil ideologies must be denied any opportunity to hurt the innocent men, women and children.

Terrorism is a crime against humanity, being in Beirut or Baghdad, Kabul or Cairo, Damascus or D.C., Morocco or Manhattan!

There is no such a thing as moderate terrorists! If they talk like terrorists, walk like terrorists and acts like terrorists then they must be terrorists! They are nearer to the dustbin of history than they may realize!

Let's get together, pray together and ask God to help us fight this catastrophic cancer of terrorism in the world supported by certain Middle Eastern devilish dictators!

O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know. 62:9


20th Anniversary Dinner of Islamic House of Wisdom - A Great Success! 

Photo Highlights- 

IHW's Facebook Page: HERE 

Bintjbail.org: HERE 

With the presence of Congresswoman- Debbie Dingle, Mayor of Dearborn, interfaith community and hundreds of other dignitaries, community leaders and members, it turned to a great celebration of IHW's accomplishments in the last two decades.  

Some founding members and long terms supporters of IHW were awarded! 

Hajja Nawal Hamadeh, Dr Mohammad Ajjour, Yousuf Bazzi, Dr Hassan Amirikia, David Sadeghi, hajj Nasib Sowaidan and hajj Mohammad Siblani received plaques of Appreciation. 

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi honored the souls of those who were part of IHW and passed away in the last 20 years. 

Imam honored the Islamic center, the Islamic institute of knowledge and Nadi Bint Jebail and talked in details about the history of IHW. 

A delicious dinner was catered by Byblos while the material was donated by Dearborn Fresh.  

At the end, Mayor of Dearborn, Judge Somers, Naser Beydoun, Dr Mahmoud Al-Hadidi, ADC Director Fatina Abdrabboh, Sam Elhaf, Zainab Hussein and some friends of interfaith expressed their support for Imam Elahi and board of IHW.   
This was one of the happiest and most successful events at IHW, inshallah many wonderful years to come!   

In case you missed the dinner yetstill would like to make a contribution to the Programs, Services and Outreach of the Islamic House of Wisdom-Donate Online HERE!


University Class Visits Islamic House of Wisdom

- Last Friday, University Students visited the Islamic House of Wisdom to learn about Islam and the Muslim Community. The guests had an opportunity for Question and Answer with Imam Elahi. Some of the guests are planning to visit again soon to continue their learning and reflections on the Islamic faith.


Imam Elahi's life story, education, struggles, emigration and achievements by BBC News
(Persian Service) 

View- HERE


10/30/15: Zainab: A Glorious Woman Who Completed the Covenant of Karbala and Flew the Flag of Faith & Action Global and Forever

Dear Supporters of Islamic House of Wisdom,   Salaam Alaikum!

It's an honor to invite you to the 20th Anniversary Celebration
of the Islamic House of Wisdom!

Twenty years of contribution to the community, education, youth programs, promoting family values, outreach, building bridges of understanding and interfaith, being a humble role model in calling for Muslims unity, standing for truth and justice, helping the poor, serving the community during the times of happiness and sadness and dealing with personal, family and social problems through moral and spiritual assistance are part of the accomplishments of Islamic House of Wisdom.

It will be a pleasure to see you and your family in this Anniversary Dinner, Sunday- November 8th at 2pm!

 In order to accommodate everyone smoothly, please confirm your attendance ASAP. Please call IHW at (313) 359-1221 or reply to this email!


Mohammad Ali ElahiFounding Imam -Islamic House of Wisdom


Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm-  

this week's theme by Imam Elahi:  "Zainab: A Glorious Woman Who Completed the Covenant of Karbala and Flew the Flag of Faith & Action Global and Forever"

In case you missed last week's Friday Sermon - "Ashura: A Divine Day, Hussein's Heroism & Integrity vs the History's worst Moral Monsters. Victory of Truth!" - See Video LINK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzuAYfad60o


Honoring Ashura's Guests, Calling for Forming a Shura Council!

IHW Honored the guest speakers and reciters from the Islamic House of Wisdom and other centers in the area with a unity dinner held Monday of this week.

During this dinner which was held following a short notice, a good number of Shia Muslim imams and scholars who served the community in Ashura attended the dinner.

Ambassador, Dr. Ali Ajami and some friends from the area including brothers from Harakat Amal and Great Revelations school joined the clergy community as well. 

During the dinner the issue of more unity and cooperation among the Muslim and Arab community was raised and briefly discussed.
No one disagreed on the importance of community unity as the first step towards an effective outreach and interfaith approach. The controversy and confusion started when we spoke about the details and the best mechanism of achieving this kind of unity.

Imam Elahi suggested formation of a Shura Council in order to share information and move towards a collective vision, voice, work and leadership.

A good number of guests welcomed this idea and suggested to follow up this discussion during one more meeting before the end of this year.

We at The Islamic House of Wisdom expressed our willingness to welcome the same guests and more community leaders and representatives of religious and cultural institutions for another session of communication, reflection and recommendation in order to establish a Shura Council for the community.

Please send us your thoughts on the best ways you think of making a strong unity in our community and how maintain it.


10th of Muharram- Ashura Commemoration Held at the IHW 

Last Saturday- With a full auditorium of attendance, the Ashura Maqtal (Story of Ashura) was presented in both English & Arabic by our guest reciters. Following the Maqtal, Harissa soup was shared with all of the participants and afternoon prayers were performed together.

 At the conclusion of our Ashura Services, we would like to thank all of those who supported the nightly programs! To see a brief of the Ashura Highlights- Visit our Facebook Page

In Case You Missed a Nightly Program, catch up on the presentations! 

  • In English- Sayed Hussain Makke- HERE 
  • In Arabic- Sheikh Fadel Al-Khatib- HERE
  • Poetry by Sister's: Teeba Sadoun & Abir Safa- HERE  


We would like to thank the "Ashura Project" and all of our community youth groups and centers who helped organize the Ashura march in Dearborn, last Sunday.

The march was greatly organized, civilized and sincere. It was a demonstration of love and appreciation for the unique sacrifice of Imam Hussein (SA), his family and followers. The

photos and videos of the event reached the globe!!  May the Lord reward all those who helped, all those who attended.

Special thanks to Dearborn Police department for providing order and security for such a loving community spiritual initiative.



10/23/15: Ashura: A Divine Day, Hussein's Heroism & Integrity vs the History's worst Moral Monsters. Victory of Truth

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm- 

this week's theme by Imam Elahi:  "Ashura: A Divine Day, Demonstrating Hussein's Ethical Integrity, Wining History's Worst Moral Monsters Through Martyrdom and Sacrificing His Blood vs Submitting to Oppression and Corruption!" 
 Let's show our passionate love and also our deep understanding and awareness of what Imam Hussein did and why!  Difficult to think about what happened to Imam Hussein these days and still rest! We cannot sleep easily while thinking of Ashura of the Imam and also our own Ashura's and Karbala's of 21st century! We need a lot of prayers and hard work!

In case you missed last week's Friday Sermon - "Lessons of Ashura: love & logic, Sincerity & Sacrifice, Prayer & Power, Devotion & Determination, Freedom & Justice!" - See Video Above! 


Day of Ashura Commemoration
Tomorrow- Saturday, Oct. 24th-
Beginning at 9:30am

Maqtal (Story of Ashura) to be Presented & Recited in English & Arabic! Lamentation and Dhuhr Prayers follow. Harissa Soup will be shared with all at the conclusion of the services!

  • Volunteers are encouraged to stay after tonight's evening program to assist with the preparations of the Harissa Soup! 
  • As You Know, the Ashura Services require a great amount of hands and resources! If You would like to Donate to help support the programs & services, we encourage you to Donate Online or You may drop off your donation at the IHW. We thank everyone for their continued support!


In Case You Missed a Nightly Program, catch up on the presentations!

  • In English- Sayed Hussain Makke- HERE
  • In Arabic- Sheikh Fadel Al-Khatib- HERE
  • Poetry by Sister's: Teeba Sadoun & Abir Safa- HERE



10/16/15: Lessons of Ashura: love & logic, Sincerity & Sacrifice, Prayer & Power, Devotion & Determination, Freedom & Justice!

Join us for Friday Prayer at1:30pm- This Week's theme by ImamElahi:"Lessons of Ashura: love & logic, Sincerity & Sacrifice, Prayer & Power, Devotion & Determination, Freedom & Justice!" 

Day of Ashura Commemoration- 

Please join IHW as we commemorate the

Day of Ashura next Saturday, October 24th at 10:00am. The program will begin with recitation of the Maqtal (story of Ashura events), poetry & lamentation, Dhuhr prayers, and concluding with harissa soup prepared by staff and volunteers.   

To sponsor a nightly Ashura program or dinner on behalf of your family or in memory of a departed loved-one, please contact the IHW office at (313) 359-1221.


Beautiful Ashura Commemoration
with Sayed Hussein Makki in English and Shaikh Fadel Al-Khatib in Arabic, both came to our community from London England! Join us every night at Islamic House of Wisdom at 7:30pm!

Also, for the Sister's- Daily Ashura Majlis at 12:00pm with Reciter, Hajji Iman Yassine!


Dr. Raed Charafoddine the First Vice Governor of Central Bank of Lebanon in Michigan-

Dr. Raed Charafoddine who had arrived in Dearborn, Michigan to address a community gathering visited Islamic House of Wisdom.

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi welcomed the Sadr Foundation delegation and admired Dr. Charafoddine's hard work and inspiring leadership. The imam also appreciated the sincere services of Sayed Hameed, the son of Imam Musa Sadr for their charity Foundation in Michigan.

Dr. Raed Charafoddine expressed his happiness and appreciation for all that Imam Elahi and IHW are doing for the local community and their outreach and interfaith to promote education and understanding among the American society.

9/24/15: Tragic Massacre in Mina- Due to Mismanagement, Incompetence, Irresponsibility & Arrogance of Saudi System!

Tomorrow- Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm!

This week's theme by Imam Elahi- "Tragic Massacre in Mina- Due to Mismanagement, Incompetence, Irresponsibility & Arrogance of Saudi System!"

Saturday: Arabic & Islamic School Enrollment- Open 10am-2pm - See info. Below!


Recently in the News....

Saudi Arabia: Hundreds dead in hajj stampede

Detroit News- Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Elahi said, was not an act of God, but the product of poor planning and management of the more than 1 million Muslims who call a small part of Mecca home during hajj." Read the comments of imam ElahiHERE 

Muslim leaders say 9/11 not about Islam

Detroit News- September 16, 2015

"We want to be viewed as American citizens like everyone else. We deserve the same respect, appreciation and protection," Elahi said. "Muslims have been contributing to this country in all areas of education, health, business, politics, media and faith and family values. We don't deserve to be viewed as 'other.' We are part of the solution not the problem." Read the comments of Imam Elahi- HERE 


Eid al-Adha Prayer at the Islamic House of Wisdom

September 24, 2015- Faithful

congregated to perform the Eid al-Adha Prayers led by Imam Elahi at the Islamic House of Wisdom. The morning started with takberat followed with the prayer where both youth and their families prayed together. In the auditorium, the children were engaged with discussion related to Eid al-Adha and activities led by Hajji Saeedah Elahi.  


Interfaith Celebration of International Day of Peace at Littlefield Presbyterian Church in Dearborn!

Shared by Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi- September 21st was recognized as the International Day of Peace by UN in 1981. While many areas of the world, especially the Middle East are burning in the fire of foolish fighting fueled by politics, greed, arrogance and hypocrisy and the waves of Syrian refuges break the heart of every conscious human being, we me t yesterday to pray for peace and justice.

The entire service was inspiring- the thoughtful prayers of Rev. Fran Hayes- the leader of the church, the Adan and recitation of the Quran by young boys, Mohammad Hussein Elahi, Ehsan and Erfan Karimi , the Jewish song by Cantor Roger Skully and Christian spiritual music. 
I also addressed the interfaith audience and wished that every day was a day of peace, prayer, love and unity.

Peace is God's name, it's the title of Paradise, and it's the mission of Abraham, Muses, Jesus and Mohammad.

Peace is possible if we work together. Peace should start from our hearts and navigates its journey through our families, communities and countries.

Let's ask the Lord of love, mercy, wisdom, truth and justice to enlighten our minds with His Wisdom, our hearts with humility, our wills with strength and determination and make us instruments of peace, justice and service to His creation.

Let's continue to work together for a better tomorrow. For a world free of injustice, war, terrorism, violence and oppression.

The reason I chose those young boys to recite the Quran for this service was to emphasize on the importance of engagement of our families and children in this interfaith journey. None of us can change the world alone, we need to work together to make a difference and kids need to learn how to carry this legacy!



09/17/15: Makkah- 9/11 Terrible Tragedy, Not the Will of God, But the Corruption of the Kingdom & the Carelessness of the Complex Custodians

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm- this week's theme by Imam Elahi: 

"Makkah- 9/11 Terrible Tragedy, Not the Will of God, But the Corruption of the Kingdom & the Carelessness of the Complex Custodians"

This Sunday at 10:30am- Interfaith Service at Littlefield Presbyterian Church!

Honoring the International Day of Peace- Imam Elahi will present on behalf of the Islamic tradition in addition to youth from the Islamic House of Wisdom. The event is open and encouraged for all to attend!  


A Shining Night at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor!

It was a great pleasure to listen to world renowned philosopher, scholar, and University Professor at George Washington University, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

He spoke about "Islamic Studies in America: Past, Present and Future". 
Imam Elahi welcomed professor Nasr to Michigan and asked his opinion about the threatening disease of Islamophobia in the West. Imam mentioned today's media report about Ahmad a 9th grade Muslim student from Texas who made an electronic clock and brought it to his school to show his passion for engineering and art, but instead of being honored he was arrested and was taken to jail for a short time, out of phobia for his religion and race.

Dr. Nasr spoke about all political, cultural and educational aspects of this problem and added that terrorism, violence and mess made by terrorist groups such as Isis and Al-Qaida have damaged the image of Islam. He asked the Muslims everywhere to speak loudly against those destructive acts and condemn those murderers and their brutality and barbarianism.
Imam Elahi was happy to have the presence of some friends including sheikh Hassan Habhab, professor Ahmed Saleh & Ali Najjar there!


Last Sunday- An interfaith service for the souls of the hojjaj in Mecca was an inspiring message of hope, unity and brotherhood. 

Rev. Paul LeClair and other members of local churches read from Gospel of John and Psalm and concluded with "Let There Be Peace On Earth".

The Muslim participants included: The directors of Madison, Imam Sadeq Center, members of Islamic Organization of North America, IONA, and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi of Islamic House of Wisdom.

Imam Elahi recited a chapter from the Holy Quran in remembrance of the lost souls and appreciated the initiative of Pastor Paul and other Christian partners for this service.

Imam stated that both Islam and Christianity have great appreciation for human sympathy, solidarity and healing. He mentioned that the first message in the Quran was to read and reading leads to reflecting which leads to responsibility.

As we pray for the victim we think of carelessness of the Saudi Royal family in dealing with this disaster. This is the same repressive regime that started a blind and barbaric bloodshed in against Yemen and continues to bomb the houses of the poor.

We must speak up against the war crimes of the Saudi monarchy and their foreign agents.

Imam continued with emphasizing on interfaith interaction as a great source of peace and coexistence as we continue our bridge building.

Imam concluded if the residents of Sterling Heights who opposed the mosque project had right information about this community and their background; they would be of the first supporters of this mosque!

The service ended with sharing words and friendly interactions. Imam invited the pastors to his residence for an interfaith dinner.


Meeting of some area Muslim-Christian Religious Leaders at Islamic House of Wisdom! Tuesday, September 15th- Anniversary MLK, the Syrian refugees, Day of Peace at Littlefield church, developments related to construction of mosque in Sterling Heights, the recent tragedy of Makkah, necessity of more interfaith outreach and looking at Dearborn and Dearborn Heights as good models of religious dialogue were among the issues discussed.


Beginning Next Week!!!

3-Week Series of Classes: Healthy Living: Eating & Exercise

Tuesday's at 6:00pm- September 22nd, 29th & Oct. 6th

Classes are Free, Seats are limited!

Reply to this Email to Register!



09/11/16: 9/11: A Crime Against Islam, America & Humanity! Time to Stand against Terrorism, Tyranny, Injustice & Warmongering

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm!!!

this week's theme by Imam Elahi- "9/11:  A Crime Against Islam, America & Humanity! Time to Stand against Terrorism, Tyranny, Injustice & Warmongering!"

Reminder: Now Enrolling for Saturday Arabic-Islamic School Classes. Stop by the IHW on Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm to register your children! For more info. call us at (313) 359-1221. 


Yesterday on 101.9FM WDET's "Redline" with Bankole Thompson - 

Imam Elahi discussed issues related to "Islam in a Changing World" in a round-table panel along side of Br. Dawud Walid (Cair-MI) and Abdulhakem Alsadah (President of the National Association of Yemeni Americans).

In case you missed the 1 Hour discussion- listen HERE!


Opposition to the Construction of a Mosque in Sterling Heights Demonstrates the Sickness of Ignorance about Islam & the Muslim Community!

Shared by Imam Elahi- After almost an hour and half driving I arrived at the City Hall of Sterling Heights where the Planning Commission was discussing whether to agree or reject the mosque proposal.

I arrived there at 6:45pm, the session was supposed to start at 7pm, yet the hall was full and doors closed.

Some of my Christian Interfaith friends including Rev. David Kasbow, Dr. Michael Ross & Denny Lukasik arrived there the same time. They canceled their interfaith meeting to come in support for the mosque project.

Some TV channels started interviewing me about the situation. At that time I saw the explosion of ignorance and shamelessness as the crowd began to "boo", without even knowing me. I was a visitor of that neighborhood, went there with a good intention, yet many showed no respect, class or civility for themselves. This should be a challenge for the Chaldean leaders and community members to deal with. They should stand up and defend their dignity and hospitality against those voices of rudeness and embarrassment. Those yelling with hate and hostility are a shame for America and for the Chaldean community. In 23 years of living in America, I never observed that much lowness anywhere! While many seemed to be Chaldean who themselves immigrated from Iraq, they shouted "Go Home".

I told them, " I pray for you, May God guide you". I asked for them to give credit to the masjid planners, who are people of faith and family values, they intend to save our youth from the disease of drugs and alcohol, they desire to bring more peace, beauty and blessing to this neighborhood.

Unfortunately the crowd kept shouting, with no desire to listen to words of wisdom and truth.

Shortly afterward, hajj Mahmud Abdallah an honorable member of the mosque informed me that the Planning Commission rejected the proposal despite of a previous approval. Today was the final day and only couple of items was to be discussed and voted for, while they started all over again.

Obviously politics and prejudice, bigotry and ignorance won, this was a great gift to both forces of Islmophobia and terrorists like isis, Alqaeda on the eve of 9-11.  

A good news for all forces of darkness that would do all it takes to divide this nation and bring poison to peaceful relationship, harmony and solidarity among all people from all religions, colors and cultures.

Follow more of Imam Elahi's Outreach on Facebook: HERE


Congressman Dan Kildee Appreciated Imam Elahi's Recent Humanitarian Outreach

Congressman Kildee, the U.S. Representative for Michigan's 5th district called imam Elahi yesterday to appreciate his recent humanitarian outreach for the Hekmati family and visiting their son in Evin prison.

The Congressman also mentioned that approval of Iran's nuclear deal can create more engagement and contribute to a better understanding between two nations.

Imam Elahi appreciated the Congressman's call and expressed his wishes for the release of Amir Hekmati and other prisoners on both sides soon.
Regarding the nuclear deal, the imam hoped that both parties respect the result of this successful dialogue and diplomacy and implement this agreement with honor and honesty.
Criticizing the recent media talk of Dick Cheney, the imam mentioned that Iran is one of the very few countries in the region that is fighting isis and other criminal and terrorist entities seriously and it deserves support not sanction and isolation.


3-Week Series of Classes: 

 Healthy Living:

Eating & Exercise

Tuesday's at 6:00pm

September 22nd, 29th & Oct. 6th

Classes are Free

Seats are limited- 

Reply to this Email to confirm your registration! 


09/03/16: Honoring the International Day of Charity, Call for Human Solidarity and Social Responsibility!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm!!!

this week's theme by Imam Elahi- "Honoring the International Day of Charity, Call for Human Solidarity and Social Responsibility!" 


Recent Coverage of Imam Elahi's trip to Iran: Speaking at the Ahlul-Bayt Conference, visiting the Shrines and Meeting with Amir Hekmati in Evin Prison-

Michigan Imam Visits Amir Hekmati - New York Times

By Rick Gladstone - September 2, 2015
Dearborn Heights imam meets ex-Marine in Iran prison  - Detroit Free Press & USA Today,  By Niraj Warikoo - August 31, 2015

Imam 'optimistic' about Flint man's release from Iran- Detroit News

By Mark Hicks - September 1, 2015

Imam Elahi discussing his recent visit with Amir Hekmati on the Frank Beckmann Radio Program on WJR-Detroit: Listen to the Program, HERE

Bay City Gathering of Families, Friends & Community Members
By Sam Easter - August 29, 2015-  MLIVE  

Meeting with Hekmati Family, Giving them Good news of Their Son's health and Expressing Optimism of His Freedom in Near Future!

Last Saturday- Imam Elahi drove for two hours to Bay City in Michigan to meet with Amir Hekmati's family, friends and supporters to share with them his good impression after meeting with Amir in Evin prison in Tehran recently. 

To understand the importance of his face to face meeting with Amir in a private place in Evin facility for 55 minutes, remember his sensitive case and the fact that only Amir's immediate family can visit him. Imam Elahi appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran's first deputy of supreme judge Hojatol-Islam Mohseni Ajei for honoring him with permission to visit Amir in such an honorable way. In the rally held in Bay City, Imam Elahi expressed his strong optimism about freedom of Amir and wished him to take a leading role in building bridges of awareness, understanding and cooperation between our great nations.

 Amir was grateful to God for giving him opportunity to read and study the Quran 8 times and each time he concluded even stronger that those terrorist organizations that are committing death and destruction in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam and can't speak or justify their crimes under this peaceful and heavenly religion. Imam asked Amir to start writing a book not just about this tough and struggling part of his life but also the positive lessons in learned in the last 4 years of patience, wisdom, and trust in God. Be a source of inspiration and hope. Hekmati family humbled Imam Elahi with their warm welcoming, hospitality and wonderful words. The words of U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Flint, the city officials, interfaith community and last but not least Sara Hekmati and her husband Ramy Kurdi were extremely healing and constructive. Let's continue our prayers and work and wish Amir's freedom very soon enshaallah. As Imam Elahi was leaving Washington Ave in Bay City, he kissed Dr. Ali Hekmati, Amir's father, a 64 year old professor whose body is totally paralyzed by cancer and told him that enshaallah he would see his son soon. Amin


3-Week Series of Classes: 

 Healthy Living:

Eating & Exercise

Tuesday's at 6:00pm

September 22nd, 29th & Oct. 6th

Classes are Free

Seats are limited- 

Reply to this Email to confirm your registration! 



08/27/16: Celebrating Imam Reda's (as) Birth & Welcoming Imam Elahi Returning from the Ahlul-Bait World Conference & Visiting Holy Sites in Mashhad & Qum!

Tomorrow- Friday Prayer at 1:30pm!
Welcoming Imam Elahi from his recent religious pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mashhad and Qum! Highlights of the meetings and discussions of the Ahlul-Bayt World Assembly Conference will be touched on in addition to this week's theme- 

 "The Birth of Imam Reda (as)- A promise of Dialogue Among Cultures & Civilizations!" 

the word Reda means: satisfaction,  pleasure, conciliation, and contentment. That was a right name for a right person. Imam Reda (as) was pleased with his Lord. He migrated from his comfort zone in Medina to a suffering environment in Khorasan, so he could create an opportunity of education for those who were thirsty of the true teachings of"Ahlul-Bayt" . Not only his life but even his shrine has been source of spiritual and intellectual energy. Millions of people visit the shrine of imam Reda every year and receive God's grace and blessings for expression of their love to the prophet (pbuh) family.

The Resolution of the Recent Ahlul-bayt Conference I participated in Iran

Shared by Imam Elahi- follow more of his activities online-  HERE
Dialogue, Intellectual Civil Interaction and Sincere Outreach are the Main Messages of Prophet Mohammad and his Family (pbut).

As a man of dialogue and a peace activist, the atmosphere of this international conference was a healing and harmonious one! 

The Shia scholars from different countries and cultures shared their experiences, struggles and condemned the crimes of IsIs and other terrorist cults in the Middle East and Africa. They also spoke about the greedy policies which promote this barbarianism and brutality whose price is paid by innocent men, women and children!
I had plenty of opportunities to thank the organizers of the event and also to share my 23 years of experiences, services and interactions with the American society.
I expressed my hope that the recent deal between Iran and the world big powers provide a new chance for both American and Iranian people to build better educational bridges and put an end to clouds of misunderstandings, misconceptions and conspiracies promoted by the enemies of these two great nations!

I informed my colleagues from more than 100 countries about my interfaith experiences in the USA.I talked about the Code of Honor signed at Islamic House of Wisdom between the Shia and Sunni imams and scholars in 2007.
I gave some examples of the fruits of engagement and evolvement of our mosques with the mainstream people, the media and also our representatives in Congress!
In the holy city of Mashhad I gave a lecture in a Jame mosque and answered the questions of so many enthusiastic people who were passionately asking me questions about the situation of Islam and Muslims in the US.

One of the greatest experiences of visiting the shrine of Imam Reda in Mashhad was accepting an invitation to attend a meeting discussing the project of announcing this holy city as a world cultural and religious capital in 2017.
The photos you observe in this page are just a few of many meetings and movements, I will share more information as I get a chance!
Please add your comments and I will read and respond at the end of this trip, Inshaallah.
Best wishes and salaams!


Last Weekend- Sister Alia, Sister Hamidah & Hajji Jennifer (and families) stopped by the Zaman International Walk 4 Humanity to show their support on behalf of the Islamic House of Wisdom. 





08/21/16: Hajj Classes & update by Imam Elahi from the spiritual capital of Iran!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm!

Upcoming Programs-  

  • Tomorrow, Saturday:  Youth of Wisdom Round table Discussion at 7:00pm!
  •  HAJJ Orientation Classes- See Details Below!
  • Register for the Saturday (& Sunday) - Arabic School Classes


From the City of Imam Reda (as) the spiritual capital of of Iran!
-  Best Wishes and Prayer from Imam Elahi

As the conference of the World Ahlul-Bayt Assembly came to an end, I continued my journey to the final destination of this trip, visitation of the shrine of Imam Reda(as).

Participation in the conference, listening to the speakers- especially the president and the leader and also speaking both in the general assembly and workshops were foods for thought, but visiting Imam Reda site was a food for both the soul and heart!

I will tell about this profound experience when I return enshaallah. I made sure that in addition to prayer for all suffering and oppressed people, I did remember in my prayers all of those who asked for prayer either directly or through email or facebook.
May Allah answer our prayers and help us through this tremendously turbulent times!

One of the most spiritual nights in my life

- Shared by Imam Elahi

After almost 7 years, I was blessed to began a journey to visit the shrine of imam Reda (as) in the holy city of Mashhad in Iran and also to attend the Ahlul-Bayt World Assembly conference reflecting on the teachings of Imam Al-Sajjad (as) on peace and condemnation of violence! 

More than 500 scholars, religious leaders, community activists from all over the world have attended. From Lebanon Shaikh Naim Qasem, Shaikh Abdolamir Shamsoddin, Dr. Khalil Hamdan-the representative of the Lebanese parliament's speaker.
From Iraq Sayyed Ammar Alhakim, former prime minister Noori Almaliki, Ayatollah Murtada Al-Qazwini and many more!

Our hosts Ayatollah Akhtari and his assistant Hijatol-Islam Mohammad Salar facilitated our first visit to the shrine of the late leader and the founding father of Islamic Republic- Imam Khomainie!
We were welcomed by Ayatollah Sayyed Hassan, the grandson of the late imam. We joined him in the evening prayer followed with a simple but very delicious Iranian style dinner. 
For me the entire evening was a deeply spiritual and emotional experience. The architecture of the shrine was extremely impressive, but what caused my tears was looking at the magnificent burial sites of the late imam and his son marhoom Sayyed Ahmad Khomainie and also my reflection on so many memories of the last few decades both before and after my immigration to US almost 23 years ago.

 President Rouhani opened the conference with one of his best lectures that I ever heard.
I wish the world media were about promoting the message of peace! If that was the case then the president of Iran's talk yesterday should have been the headline news of CNN , BBC and other world's networks!
I will talk about the content of his message in another posting enshaallah!

Follow More of Imam Elahi's Posts, Activities and Outreach on Facebook, HERE!   



08/14/15: This Week at the IHW + Photo Highlights of Last Weekend's Youth of Wisdom Picnic!

Today- Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm!  

Tomorrow, Saturday- Youth of Wisdom will be holding a roundtable discussion with Dr. Kazerooni. Stop by from 7:00-8:15pm to participate! 


Community Leaders and Activists Met with Congresswoman Debbie" Dingell Strongly Supported President Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal!

We like to thank Congresswoman Dingell and Ostad Osama Siblini for arranging a friendly, frank and fruitful conversation. The participants expressed their appreciation for the hard works of negotiating teams and admired the wisdom of president Obama and president Rouhani for ending such a long conflict through peaceful diplomacy and dialogue.
Imam Elahi asked the Congresswoman to take the message of this group and the entire American Muslims in Michigan to the Congress and do her best through her outreach to put an end to any ignorance, injustice and selfish political game regarding this win-win diplomatic development between Islamic Republic of Iran and United States of America.
Imam mentioned that those who oppose this deal don't want to learn any lesson from history of American wars in the past and are promoting the direction of more death and destruction in a region where already suffers from the most painful human tragedy in its entire history.
Of course for some logical reasons there is some opposition to this deal in Iran as well, but there is a unanimous support for president Rouhani's vision and work. We should do the same in America for president Obama. It's ok to have differences and disagreements but the solution is dialogue and this is what has happened. We must unanimously support president Obama on this agreement. The collapse of this agreement means the collapse of credibility and integrity of America and the values that this nation appreciate and stand for.
Congresswoman Dingell listened carefully to the statements of all participants and at the end addressed the community's concerns. She promised to meet also with other communities and listen to all opinions before going back to Washington D.C. and speak with other Representatives in the Congress!


Youth of Wisdom Picnic

Last Sunday- August 9, 2015: The Youth of Wisdom held their first Interfaith Picnic at Hemlock park in Dearborn, Michigan. Participants of all ages had an opportunity to meet new faces while enjoying fun and family oriented activities together. Before the start of the bbq lunch that was prepared by volunteers of the Youth of Wisdom, Imam Elahi led the afternoon prayer in the park.

Following, Hajji Vicki Ashker facilitated a reflective group discussion. A video collage will be posted soon featuring highlights of the gathering. New friendship was formed and long-time friends were reunited. 

The picnic carried on into the early hours of the evening. We would like to congratulate the organizers of the Youth of Wisdom and volunteers for their dedication and hard work to make the event a success! If interested to become part of the Youth of Wisdom- email: youth-of-wisdom@islamichouseofwisdom.com for more information! 

View MORE Photo Highlights of the Picnic- Visit our page on Facebook: HERE! 



2015-2016 Saturday/Sunday
 Arabic-Islamic School Program!

Call (313) 359-1221 for more information! *Note: Register by September 1st- Save 10%! 


08/07/15: IHW Marriage Mentoring Program: promoting Healthy, Happy and Successful Families, Through Communication, Conflict Resolution and Spiritual Inspiration!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm-

this week's theme by Imam Elahi: 
IHW Marriage Mentoring Program: promoting Healthy, Happy and Successful Families, Through Communication, Conflict Resolution and Spiritual Inspiration!

In case you missed it- last week's English Friday Prayer Sermon: See video to the right!


The Youth of Wisdom would like to invite you to the 1st Annual Interfaith Picnic!

Date: AUGUST 9th, 2015

This Sunday!

Time: 12:00 - 6:30 pm. 

Where: Hemlock Park Area # 3

  Activities and food are complimentary. Raffle tickets are available for prizes.     

We are seeking volunteers to assist with the numerous activities throughout the event. Volunteer hours will be given to students who require such hours. 


Phone Conversation with Congresswoman Debbie Dingell

Shared by Imam Elahi on Facebook, HERE 

This morning I had a friendly and faithful conversation with Congresswoman Debbie Dingle about the recent international nuke agreement with Iran.

I like to thank Mrs. Dingle for patiently listening to my views and promising to listen to other community leaders and activists on this issue before voting in the Congress.

I expressed my disappointment and condemnation of AIPAC huge negative propaganda, dedicating more than $20 million to attack the president and destroy the result of two years of hard work, diplomacy and dialogue!
The warmongers are using the weapon of money and fear to mislead our nation to make political business for themselves.

It is my spiritual and moral duty to call for peace and justice and ask our representatives to stay on the right side of this struggle. I appreciated the position of Congressman Sander Levin and other critical thinkers on this agreement.

I told Congresswoman that if Netanyahu and his supporters in the Congress were honest about stopping Iran from nuclear weapons, they should be happy and welcoming this agreement!
When they talk about a better deal, they remind us of the same warmongering mentality that justified the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and caused the death of 5000 American soldiers, in addition to more than one million innocent Iraqis and the result was more criminals like IsIs, Al-Qaida and other terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

As an American citizen I want Netanyahu to stop insulting the wisdom, dignity and hard work of negotiating teams and I ask the AIPAC to stop bribing or harassing the members of the US Congress.

Our real problem in the Middle East is not Iran but those murderers and barbarians who are using the name of Islam and the money of American allies to destroy all signs of life, human history and civilizations, being Islamic or Christian!

Again I thank Congresswoman Dingell for this communication.

I just hang up with Ostad Osama Siblini who also has been communicating with our representatives in the congress. We are planning to have some meetings with members of the Congress and show our support for president Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry over the nuke agreement.

My last call is for our youth in community and members of our interfaith coalition to go on line find the contact information of members of Congress in your State and use all of social networks defending dialogue over destruction. Let your voice be heard in the Congress. 
Too much ignorance and injustice in the way! Education, outreach and engagement are our first steps in this journey!


Wednesday- the Arabic-Islamic School concluded their summer session with a program featuring students reciting a combination of various dua, chapters of the holy Quran and nasheed presentations. 


Congratulations to Cassim Ahmad and Nivine Mohamad Dughayli!

Imam Elahi performed the marriage between Cassim Ahmad and Nivine Dughayli.

Imam spoke about the deep meaning of "I Do" declared by both groom andbride. He wished them a joyful life journey full of love, respect, commitment and success.


My First Day of August with Sad and Happy News!

August 1, 2015- Posted by Imam Elahi, HERE

Like any other day, today was a day of both happy and heartbreaking news. I share with u only two and start with the heartbreaking one.

I gave a short lecture at the memorial service of Esam Mohanna a young brother of 24 years old who just passed away out of cancer. I remember his mom sister Shadia used to come to our Friday prayers asking Allah's grace for her son. During the memorial message, I asked the youth of our community in general to show more responsibility in helping the Muslim community and Umma against the disease of ignorance and injustice. 

I asked the youth to call, e-mail and used all kinds of social networks, help president Obama against the warmongers in terms of Iran nuclear deal.

Happy News
The happiest hours of Today were the hours I was driving to Sterling Heights to visit a very dear friend, father and brother, hajj Hussein Hamoud.

He is really one the purest and most faithful founding fathers of our community and one of the most sincere friends and helpers of marhoom imam Cherri.

I know hajj Hussein since my arrival in Michigan 23 years ago. I remember some days he used to drive 2 times a day from his house in Sterling Heights to Islamic Center in Joy Rd (facing construction, it took me an hour to get there) 
He did this even in the Month of Ramadan despite of going to his work in General Motors 5 in the morning.

Physically, hajj Hussein I saw today was not the hajj Hussein of 1992, but mentally, morally and spiritually he was the same hajj Hussein and even stronger! Very smart, aware, wise, passionate, and loving. Interestingly still able to do his favorite gardening work around his humble house. I was so humbled to see him walking with his cane to cut a box of nice and fresh vegetable for me to take home! 

We talked about Imam Cherri and history of our community; we honored 3 of our special friends who were the ones who met with me at Detroit airport the first night I arrived in the US. I still remember them, setting in Custom area waiting for me, now all those three friends are under the Grace of God, Hajj Hussein Makled, hajj Khalil Alawan and hajj Ali Naji ( may Allah bless their souls)

Hajj Hussein inspiring wife, hajja Zahra met her Lord some years ago, but it was Allah blessing to leave one of her most beautiful and sacrificing daughters, Mona Hamoud, to take care of her husband!
Mona is helping her dad like an angel; the house was extremely clean, welcoming and heavenly.

The best moment was the time that Br. Mohammad the second sun of hajj Hussein joined us (his first son is Ali, a great friend of mine) it was the prayer time. The hajj asked me to lead the noon prayer! I can't describe the spirit of this prayer and visitation enough.
May God reward u Mona for ur hospitality and for helping ur dad despite of ur job and daily work.


07/31/15: Hijab: An Old-Fashion Oppressive Style Or a Powerful Pattern of Modesty, Internal Discipline, Spiritual Liberation & a Flag of Faith Identity!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm-

this week's theme: "Hijab: An Old-Fashion Oppressive Style Or a Powerful Pattern of Modesty, Internal Discipline, Spiritual Liberation & a Flag of Faith Identity!"

Imam Elahi will share with the congregation his conversation with some members of the Congress and other political leaders about the recent nuclear agreement with Iran.

Imam Elahi asked the representatives to reject the political game of the warmongers and support president Obama in this historic agreement. 

Check out the video to the right to catch up on last week's English Friday Sermon!


Last Night, Thursday, July 30, 2015- Dr. Yahya Basha hosted a dinner inviting more than 100 community, political and interfaith leaders to discuss issues related to the community and the State of Michigan.

Attorney Barbara L. McQuade appreciated the opportunity and in her speech admired the contributions of the Muslim community to the rest of society and spoke about the danger of racism, terrorism and radicalization of the youth through the internet.

She spoke about a case of huge fraud in the medical field in Michigan and the way that one person made $34 million out of patients and insurance pocket.

The U.S. Attorney then opened the floor and answered the guests questions. Imam Elahi expressed his concern over some possible innocent doctors or staff who may have been working with that medical facility having no idea about the fraud and some of them may be under investigation! The Attorney general assured imam Elahi and the audiences that they never go with "he/she must have known", we make sure that no innocent gets hurt! 


July 24, 2015- Last Friday, a non-denominational Christian group representing different congregationsattended the Friday prayer at Islamic House of wisdom!  

Following the prayer some members of the IHW congregation welcomed the guests and imam Elahi answered their questions!

Interfaith work is part of IHW's mission and vision and we welcome these inspiring interactions which help build bridges of understanding and cooperation between the Muslim and non- Muslims communities! In particular the Christian neighbors!

Tuesday, July 29, 2015- Council of Imams met at the Muslim Center in Detroit. The Co-chairs of the Council- imam Mustafa Al-Turk and imam Mohammad Ali Elahi briefed the imams about the recent interfaith mentoring program that was hosted at Islamic House of Wisdom. 

The program provides mentor manuals and training packages on enrichment and building strong marriages based on moral principles.

The imams welcomed the idea and agreed to have this presentation for the Council members in September. Imam Abdollah El-Amin and imam Ceesay hosted the meeting.

07/24/15: Children- Beautiful Flowers of Life, Challenging Tests, Lasting Legacies and .... ?

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm- 

the theme by Imam Elahi: 

Children- Beautiful Flowers of Life, Challenging Tests, Lasting Legacies and.... ?   

"Local experts share thoughts on Iran nuclear agreement"  Read HERE

by Ali Harb, Arab American News
July 23, 2015

"Iran deal draws mixed reaction in metro Detroit's communities"  Read HERE

by: Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press

July 14, 2015


Eid al-Fitr Prayers at the Islamic House of Wisdom

Faithful congregated to perform the Eid al-Fitr Prayers at the Islamic House of Wisdom. The morning started with takberat followed with the prayer where both youth and their families prayed together. In the auditorium, some of the children who participated in the prayer service signed the Youth of Wisdom pledge to continue serving Allah (swt) through various ways they described before imprinting their thumb print on the pledge sign. The sign will be displayed in the classroom area of the IHW building. Special thanks to all who participated and all who have helped make this Ramadan a success!

View Photo Highlights HERE on Facebook &  BintJbeil.org HERE

Summary of Imam Elahi's sermon on Eid al-Fitr

Imam congratulated the faithful, who went through the spiritual reception of Ramadan.

Imam stated that basically Ramadan can be summarized in two words faith and piety.

Now that the fasting season is over, we should test our achievements.

To turn our observations to actions and apply the Ramadan message to our daily life, enjoy a life of love, mercy, forgiveness, humbleness, discipline and dedication.

Imam reflected on some Quranic

verses calling for unity, peace and justice. Considering the pain, poverty, starvation and homelessness of tens of millions of people from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and asked people to help them in any way possible.

He congratulated both president Obama and president Rouhani for their leadership, courage, vision and determination and also admired their negotiating teams especially secretary of State's John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Dr Jawad Zarif for their hard work, and victorious dialogue and diplomatic achievements.

Imam criticized Netanyahu for insulting 6 big international powers and calling their hard work for peace a historic mistake.

It was Netanyahu's historic mistakeand not the members of International community. He demonstrated his hate and anger against peace and embarrassed himself in the eyes of the world observers. He is a warmonger who looks for more war and destruction in the region.

Imam condemned terrorism in any form, whether in the Charleston church, or Tennessee Navy base, Isis in Iraq and Syria or Saudi monarchy in Yemen or Boko haram in Africa.

Imam suggested that both Dr. Zarif and Secretary Kerry deserve to receive the Noble Peace Prize for breaking the taboo of 36 years of diplomatic break between Islamic Republic of Iran and United States of America.


Marriage Orientation for Interfaith Clergy & Mentor Couples Held at the Islamic House of Wisdom

Monday- July 20, 2015- the Islamic House of Wisdom hosted a Prepare-Enrich Marriage Orientation for interfaith clergy and prospective mentor couples. 

The Orientation focused on methods to assess, prepare, and assist married couples across the entire cycle of married life. We hope that mentor families will become involved in the near future to assist with guiding couples through challenges and adjustments they may face in married life. 

If you would like more details or interested in becoming a mentor couple, please contact the IHW. 

Rev. Dr. Nick Phillips, a national trainer and marriage pastor at Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan provided the training.


Interfaith Ramadan dinners seek to promote unity- Read HERE

by Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press - July 5, 2015


This Saturday--- 

The Youth of Wisdom is excited to announce the House Roundtable, a discussion group led by Imam Dr. Ibrahim Kazerooni, beginning this Saturday, July 25th at 7 pm. We encourage everyone to join us every Saturdayfor engaging discussions. Bring your thoughts, ideas, and questions! 

Connect with the Youth of Wisdom via social media for upcoming event details & updates:

Facebook: Youth of Wisdom 

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Twitter: LearnIN_motion 


07/14/15: Media Announcement: Eid Al-Fitr Prayers: Friday & Saturday at 9:00am!

Media Announcement- 

Join us for the

Eid al-Fitr Prayer Services

This Friday, July 17th

Eid Prayer at 9:30am SHARP


Zakat al-Fitr: Donation for the Poor 

  • Zakat al-Fitr: The amount of Zakat Al-Fitr is a minimal of $10 for each family member. For those who are able to pay more, they are encouraged to take this opportunity to help the poor. 
  •  This should be paid before the Eid Prayer. You may give it to your poor relatives in town or send it through the Islamic House of Wisdom directly or online.  

Make your Zakat al-Fitr DonationHERE 

7-9-15: Great Night of Power- The evening began with a program in English, Iftar, Arabic Program and Night of Power prayers, recitation of the Quran and dua.

    July 11, 2015: Youth of Wisdom-  3rd Bonfire of Ramadan: Beautiful discussion, Q&A, Prizes, Treats and Friendship. Follow More of the Youth of Wisdom's Activities:

Facebook @ Youth of Wisdom

Twitter @LearnIN_Motion 

Instagram @ Youth of Wisdom 


   Last Weekend-

Some of the members of theYouth of Wisdom together for Iftar at the IHW. We would like to thank the group again for their services and help this Ramadan!


Last Wednesday's Meeting of West Detroit's Civic Association

The group held their summer annual meeting at the Islamic House of Wisdom to discuss ways to improve the West Detroit neighborhoods. Representatives of the association, some elected officials and representatives of the police department participated in the meeting. The group chose to meet at the Islamic House of Wisdom because of its safe, accessible and open atmosphere. We admire the willingness and initiatives taken by the civic association to improve our neighboring communities.  


Some Actions before performing the Eid prayer!

  •  Performing Ghusl (complete purification shower)
  • Continuous repetition of Takberat & special Eid recitations
  • Purifying the soul by paying Zakat al-fitr. 
  • You may have some breakfast before going to the Eid prayer
  • It's advised to recite Ziyarat Imam Hussein and Dua al-Nodba after the Eid prayer.

In this time of suffering from all around the world, please pray for the victims of war and terrorism in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and all other areas of conflict and injustice. We pray that Allah (swt) bring His mercy upon them and guide all. May Allah (swt) accept all prayers, fasting and deeds from this Holy Month and strengthen all of our faith and actions moving forward, Ameen!

07/09/15: Lailatul-Qadr: The Power of Peace! Night of Recitation, Reflection, Angelic Visitation, Spiritual Ascension and Total Transformation!

Tonight- Beginning at 10:30pm 

Lailatul- Qadr




  • Dua will be projected in both the masjid and mahdi hall for all to follow in both English and Arabic.

23rd of Ramadan is the most famous Night of Power in the Shia Muslim Calendar. 

Night of revelation, reconnection, meditation and miracle!
Let's appreciate this night of spiritual light, energy, inspiration and ascension!
Let's enjoy a night of recitation, reflection and spiritual flight from our earthy life to a heavenly light!
Tonight we decide our destiny, while the angels under the leadership of the Holy Spirit (Gabriel) will visit us on this earth!
Let's not to miss the greatest night of mercy, forgiveness, freedom, faith and fulfillment!
Allah said in the Quran: The Night of Power is better than 1000 months! It doesn't have to be a literal measurement, just an indication of importance of tonight.
That means one night of this kind of aspirations, meanings, messages, blessings and beauties is better than 83 years of a life without Lailatol-Qadr.
Let's celebrate it together, let's bring our passion, peace and devotion to this loving atmosphere of Lailatol -Qadr and build bridges of unity and brotherhood among all centers and congregations in our community!
Let's pray for victims of injustice, oppression and barbarian terrorism in the Muslim world.
Let's ask the Lord to bless us in our struggle against racism, poverty, ignorance and war!
Tonight is not a night to sleep but to stay awake and be up to welcome the angels and receive their good news!

  • We have a team of guest speakers and reciters, ready to serve you all! Tonight we will also share with the greatest poetry of Imam Ali's Monajat (Meditation) - An amazing conversation of a perfect pious man with his Lord! Let's be come, enjoy and be grateful of tonight's gift!
    IHW will begin its Ehya's observation at 10:30pm tonight!
  •  Complimentary Sohoor will be available for all!


Join us for Friday prayer at 1:30pm...

the theme by Imam Elahi- 
"The Holy Quran: Our Spiritual Navigation to the Seashore of Salvation."

View Photo Highlights of Last Week's Friday Prayer: HERE 


Last Friday- Youth of Wisdom's 2nd Ramadan Bonfire:  Beautiful discussion , Q&A and prizes for the Youth. View Photo Highlights: HERE
There will be another bonfire this Saturday at 10:30pm! Follow the Activities of the Youth of Wisdom on Facebook: HERE


As many are aware, continuous daily services require a large amount of organization, hands-on effort & financial contribution. We encourage all who are able to contribute to help make this Ramadan season a success!

Sponsor:  A Nightly Program, Iftar Dinner or partial sponsorship of an evening service in the name of your family, business or in memory of your loved-ones. More information: HERE
Donate: If You would like to Donate to help support the 2015 Ramadan programs & services, we encourage you toDonate Online or You may drop off your donation at the IHW.  


Nightly Programs | Iftar Dinners | Childcare | Office- This is a great opportunity for students and those in need of summer volunteer hours! Reply to this email for more info! 

We appreciate your sense of commitment and care in advance.  Thank you.

07/03/15: Happy Ramadan! Month of Mercy, Peace, Purity & Reconciliation. Please Join the Service Tomorrow (Thursday, June 18th) 8:00pm

Happy Ramadan! Month of Mercy, Peace, Purity & Reconciliation!

Please Join the Service Tomorrow, Thursday- June 18th
8:00pm- Ramadan Program with Professor Ibrahim Kazerooni
There will be an Iftar dinner Tomorrow Night & Friday. 
 If you would like to participate in the dinner, please call the IHW to reserve your seats at (313) 359-1221. 

Please join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm- we encourage everyone to attend with their family!    

Imam Elahi's message welcoming the Holy month of Ramadan!

Thank You Allah for rewarding us with another Ramadan. Another opportunity to celebrate the season of revelation, reflection and your heavenly reception!

In Ramadan's blessed banquet the faithful enjoy a new relationship with the Lord, achieving the gift of guidance, mercy, forgiveness and spiritual progress.

The purpose of Ramadan is peace, prayer, patience and total piety. It's about self-examination, determination and development of strong discipline over our desires and temptations.

The first step in the journey of Ramadan is to make a sincere intention and having in mind that closer connection with the Creator is the faithful ultimate goal.

Reciting the holy Quran and extra prayers especially on the Nights of Power, acts of charity and kindness, sharing iftar with family, friends and strangers, are all sources of enrichment and light.

The true fasting is not only avoiding from food, water and other fast invalidators, but also abstention from sinful expressions and actions. Lying, backbiting, humiliating of others, hateful words and nonsense.

What makes every day and night of Ramadan really powerful is the presence of the faithful in the mosques, the official places of worship.

The role of mosques especially in Ramadan is to provide prayer in a family spiritual atmosphere, in addition to education, public awareness, building community partnership based on the Quranic spirit and true teachings of the prophet and his honorable family and righteous companions.

Islamic House of Wisdom welcomes everyone to its evening services every day at 8:00pm. To get more information about IHW's services and public Iftars, please call the mosque at (313) 359-1221.   

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Last Saturday-  Islamic House of Wisdom's Weekend Arabic-Islamic School held it's Annual End of the Year Performance where some students of the school recited the Quran, Dua and various nasheed in addition to skits incorporating lessons learned throughout the year. 

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07/03/15: Pass Ramadan's Test of Piety and Receive the Lord's Certificate of Satisfaction!

Join us for Friday Prayer at 1:30pm sharp! 

This Week's theme by Imam Elahi: "Pass Ramadan's Test of Piety and Receive the Lord's Certificate of Satisfaction!"

Tonight's Special Evening for All!!! 

8:00pm- English Program with Professor Ibrahim Kazerooni

10:30pm- Arabic Program Begins with Sayed Mohammad Al-Qazwini   


Annual Interfaith Iftar Dinner at Islamic House of Wisdom a Huge Success!

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July 1, 2015- More than 300 Muslims, Christians and Jews gathered at the Islamic House of Wisdom for the Annual Interfaith IftarWednesday, highlighting the spirit of cooperation, diversity and peace.

The event coincided with the Anniversary Birthday of Islam's hero of peace and wisdom,  Imam Hassan Al-Mojtaba (as) and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Participants included more than 30 clergy, government officials, judges, elected officials,community leaders, IHW board members and supports and community supporters. The emphases was on tolerance, acceptance and unity.

Master of Ceremony, Sayed Khalil Hachem began the program by introducing Dr. Vicki Ashker, who presented IHW Youth of Wisdom, a new youth program she started at IHW. Dr. Talal Turfe followed by thanking IHW for hosting the iftar and presented guests with a complimentary copy of his recent book "The Straight Path".

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi welcomed the guests and reflected on the tradition of iftar dinner nationwide from the White House andmany communities all over the country.

Imam called the revelation of the Quran and the resistance of fasting as the two miracles of this month. Both the Quran and fasting follow the same purpose of the piety of the faithful.

Piety or spiritual protection is achieved through our internal struggle against ourdesires and temptations. It fosters a security system for our soul against internal diseases like ego, arrogance, jealousy, hypocrisy, greed and selfishness.

Imam Elahi honored the memory of the recent victims of Charleston church in South Carolina and condemned the attacks on the black churches in the South of the United States.

He urged the interfaith community to turn the dialogue to action and engagement and provide guidance for the government to choose a betterpolicy against terrorism domestically and globally.

Speaking about the pain, poverty and suffering of war refugees in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other parts of the Middle East and Africa, Imam Elahi condemned the Saudi Royal Family for financing terrorism and bombing the people of Yemen and destroying the country in a foolish war that offersno benefits to anyone.

Imam thanked the dinner guests and prayed for the continuity of interfaith work and struggle against racism, war, poverty and using politics or religion to justify violence and war crimes.

May Allah bless you and accept our fast.

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As many are aware, continuous daily services require a large amount of organization, hands-on effort & financial contribution. We encourage all who are able to contribute to help make this Ramadan season a success!

Sponsor:  A Nightly Program, Iftar Dinner or partial sponsorship of an evening service in the name of your family, business or in memory of your loved-ones. More information: HERE
Donate: If You would like to Donate to help support the 2015 Ramadan programs & services, we encourage you to Donate Online or You may drop off your donation at the IHW.  


Nightly Programs | Iftar Dinners | Childcare | Office- This is a great opportunity for students and those in need of summer volunteer hours! Reply to this email for more info! 

We appreciate your sense of commitment and care in advance.  Thank you.