Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the Week #5

In the name of God who is Merciful towards all creation and Especially Merciful towards believers

We made whatever is on the earth an adornment for it in order to test people as to which of them do better in conduct. (7) And surely We will turn whatever is on earth into a barren desert. (8)
(Al-Kahf, 7-8)
Each year in spring, nature becomes green and lush as if it has been decorated. But with the arrival of fall and its cold and bitter winds, all these decorations suddenly fall into pieces and the trees taste winter again.
Many of the things people possess are temporary, in order to distinguish the best of people. Wealth, rank, power, fame and so forth are all temporary adornments which properly demonstrate a person’s’ spiritual station and their level of transcendence.  
There are people who are overfond of such superficial adornments and forget the reality of their own humanity. Likewise, there are people who value their humanity much more than these adornments, and therefore these temporary adornments can never make them forget the truth of who they are. It is these people who have the strongest bond with their true self and with those around them, and they hold onto it with their dear life.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi