Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #9

In the name of God who is Merciful towards all creation and Especially Merciful towards believers


No wonder the Beloved cast His shadow over the lover

We were in need of Him, and He was eager towards us (Hafez, Ghazal 206)


It is not strange if the Beloved casts his shadow over lovers as they were in need of Him and He was eager towards them. When a reality overshadows us, it supports and protects us while it conceals us in its presence. One who is basked in another’s shadow has no appearance. The one who has fallen in love with that Peerless and Sole reality has no other affairs but needfulness. The needfulness that the lover feels towards the Beloved has no other examples. A lover cannot live without their Beloved, nor can they breathe or be happy.


On the other hand, those who fall in love with God benefit from a mutual relationship where they find God to be desirous in them. In midst of such a need from the lover and eagerness from the Beloved, the shadow of the unitary Beloved falls onto the lover; and with the Beloved’s emergence, the lover is not oneself anymore and every bit of their existence will say, God.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi