Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #10

In the name of God who is Merciful towards all creation and Especially Merciful towards believers


 Oh, my love! All that has been said about Heaven, is just one of the stories of Your street. (Street here is referring to a spiritual stage where one might have a chance to see Him pass by, or smell His scent and presence. This means that Heaven is but a glimpse of His magnificence and mercy, and one of the places that His grace has touched). All that has been said about the beauty of houri, is just a narrative of the manifestation of Your beauty. Jesus’s breath which gave life was because of Your lip’s grace. Khidr’s Fountain of Youth is an allusion of Your sweet lips. Every fragment of my heart tells a story of the sorrow of Your love, and each line of Your character traits is a sign of how merciful You are. If the aroma of flowers has scented the gatherings of those who love you,  it’s because there is a tinge of Your fragrance in there. Oh, East Wind! We yearn for the dust of the Friend’s door and we burn in this longing; oh messenger of the Friend’s street! Bear in mind that you did not support us. Oh, heart! You sacrificed your knowledge and life for friendship, how much assets you had for which you did not settle. The smell of my burnt heart has filled up the universe, it is the disobedient flames of my love inside, which has spread everywhere. I have no complaint from hellfire if God and His remembrance are with me. It is Hafez’s wish that this romantic distress is followed by the Beloved’s look and attention. (Hafez, Ghazal 437)

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi