Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #11

In the name of God who is Merciful towards all creation and Especially Merciful towards believers


Just as lovers are hungry for their beloveds, beloveds are also eager towards finding lovers. Know that whoever is a lover is also a beloved! Lovers love their beloved and beloveds also love their lovers because love is mutual.

Now that you know that God loves you, be calm and don’t be restless! If God teaches you a lesson to make you watchful and to guide you through your journey, be all ears! I have no fear of stepping on my ego. I am a devoted lover and I’m not worried about destroying the walls of ego and selfishness that I have built around myself for my Beloved, as I know there are hidden treasures under the rubble. If I go past myself for God’s love, the treasure trove of His Kingdom will be unfolded within me. Hence, lovers should be bursting with joy to bask themselves in God’s love and they shouldn’t be afraid of the ups and downs of this journey. For such a lover, ups and downs, sweet and bitter, pain and pleasure are all the same. (Mathnawi, First book)

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi