Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #13

You renew my love for you every moment

May You manifest a new beauty every moment (Hafez, Divan - Hafez, Ghazal 104)


The flame of love can never be extinguished. Not only does the flame not die but it burns ever brighter and hotter every second. Anything that wears out is not love. Love is always fresh and new. The beauty of the pre-eternal Beloved is indefinite and no repetition is found in His manifestations. The two novelties in the universe are the love of His lovers and the unrepeatable manifestation of His beauty. Both are in harmony and blend in with each other. The love of lovers is always fresh in every moment and they are always looking for God’s manifestations. God is the only beloved who responds to this indefinite love through His manifestations. The whole universe is like a new and everlasting flowing spring as its reality is a dialogue between the lover and beloved. A lover who is looking for God’s manifestations and beauties with their ever-renewing love; and a Friend (God) who pays attention to their love through His nonrepeating manifestations.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi