Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #14

The breeze of Your curly hair constantly makes me ecstatic

Every moment, the temptation of Your enchanting eyes tears my selfishness apart(Divan-Hafez Ghazal 95)

There is a rapture and attraction by the Beloved which gravitates lovers towards Him. It is during the turns and twists of this attraction that lovers fall in love with Him and go into raptures. Love makes humans ever more beautiful as it helps them detach from their selfishness. All the obscenities of humanity are from their self-centeredness, and all their beauties come out only when they distance themselves from egoism and selfishness. This won’t happen unless they fall in love in the presence of Beloved’s strong attractions.  


There is an attractive force in magnets which drags metal objects, but metal objects also have some characteristics that make them magnetizable, otherwise, magnets won’t attract them.   


Beloved’s hair is a metaphorical attracting string drawn from Beloved towards lovers, but lovers must also possess certain signs and characteristics as parts of their being to be attractable.

The observers of Your face are those of vision

Yes! There is no head where the secret of Your hair is not ( Divan-Hafez Ghazal 73)


Those who have experienced the scent of this elongated string are to remain in ecstasy for good. This string of connection is ever-lasting and flows in each moment and breath.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi