Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #15

Bahlūl saw someone who was righteous and had a delightful and wonderful life. He asked him how he reached such a state of bliss. He explained that everything in the world runs according to my wishes and desires. All the floods and brooks are flowing to where I want. Stars are aligned the way I want. Bahlūl replied “Yes, it is clear from the expression on your face that what you say is indeed true. So tell me, how did you achieve such joy and reach such an ability that your wishes are aligned with what is actually happening?” He answered that everybody can rest assured that the great God is dominant over all, and everything runs according to His will. Every leaf that falls from every tree, does so through God’s will. My wishes and desires fall in line with whatever is His will and command. Hence, everything that happens is according to my wishes. (Rumi, Masnavi, Book 3)

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi