Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #17

To behold Your face, spirit-seeing vision is needed

And my world-bound eye is not of this rank whatsoever(Divan Hafez Ghazal 52:2)

The human body consists of millions of cells, each of which is an independent and living unit; yet, they are joined together in such a way that we see them as one entity. 

Likewise, the universe is like our body. Each being is like one of those cells. The world is beautiful and its beauty comes from unity and peace. Otherwise, it would be obnoxious and intolerable; just like our body when it struggles with agonizing cancer where the cells attack each other.

I am the one who has harmonized and held all the cells together in my body. Likewise, in the great world of creation, someone must have unified and beautified all the parts; it is due to Him that they are all together. 

Someone who is tied up with disunity and separation has an eye that is deprived of seeing the One, the reality which holds this great universe together.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi