Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #18

Having a heart to heart talk is a sign of friendship;

Falling silent comes from lack of intimacy.

How can a heart that has seen the sweetheart remain bitter?

How can a nightingale who has seen a flower remain silent? (Masnavi, Book six: 2638-9, Nicholson with some modifications)


Surprisingly, love influences the entirety of human’s existence. The eye wishes to be lost in a look at the sweetheart; the look that sees only beauty, and a fault-finding character would never contaminate it. The ear wishes to listen and the tongue likes to talk to the beloved.

Humans are apathetic before friendship takes their heart, while their perfection is through the manifestation of the exalted sentiments. Companionship unites all parts of the human’s existence side by side; just like iron filings being lined up along the magnetic field.     

Love makes humans and their manifestations graceful, and it keeps them away from bitterness.

A nightingale that has seen a flower cannot remain silent; a heart that has seen the sweetheart cannot stay silent and bitter. It would rather start talking.

 By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi