Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #19

I said, “I have Your sorrow.’ He said, “Your sorrow will end.”

I said, “ Be my moon.” He said, “If it rises.” (Hafez, Ghazal 231:1)

If human beings put all the sorrow that they suffer in life in good use by investing it in the love of the incomparable Friend, they will ascend and free themselves from all ties, beyond the earth and the heavens. Free from both earthly and everlasting abodes, they will reach the street of the Sweetheart. 

These sorrows will never end. They are like a philosophical vicious circle and endless chain which has no beginning or end. However, the sorrow of the Beloved has a joyful ending; one day, it will pass and will be followed by a sweet union. 

If you sorrow for Him, your worries will end, and joy will appear. If you want Him to be the moon of your murky night, do not settle for a crescent. Wish Him to rise and become your full moon; let His light pervade your heaven so no star can find a chance to glimmer. It is only then that the night of separation will pass, and the morning of vision will be nearby.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi