Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #16

Thanks to the hairline and mole, You stole gnostics’ heart

There are wonder subtleties under Your trap and bait. (Divan- Hafez, Ghazal 34)

The Friend’s beauty mole is His bait, and His hairline is the trap. Using His beauty mole and hairline, He steals the gnostics’ hearts. The line is a manifestation which traps and encircles the gnostic’s heart. The Friend’s line asserts that all the beauty is from and within Me. The Friend’s beautiful line is a message from Beloved to the lover, a signal full of secrets, that invites the lover towards Him. 

Whoever wants to fall in love with Your fresh down

As long as one is alive, one won’t leave the circle. (Divan- Hafez, Ghazal 157)

The beauty mole is a glorious point. It is a luminous manifestation, and a spot where secrets will be revealed. It is the pinnacle of the Beloved’s unity, and is the happy ending of love. 

Love is captivity. It is a string that is put only on righteous and noble-minded people. Hence, those who are attached to things other than God, will never be captive of the Beloved’s love. Those who prefer freedom over the hardship of love will never get ecstatic by the wine of love.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi