Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #22

Without seeing, contemplation, and knowledge, no one falls in love. No one gives their heart and love to the unseen. How can we see Him--with a vision that is not merely a mental image or an imprint in a book-- with a vision that deeply affects our soul and captures us? 


For the sake of acquiring gnosis of God, the Divine spirit, which has been breathed into us, is intimate to us. No one can find a way to the Divine love without seeing this Divine spirit; likewise, no one would see this Divine spirit without falling in love with Him. In other words, we must ask human-being, “Do you know why you have not fallen in love with God yet?”. It is because achieving Divine love is through that Divine spirit. The flame of love is lit in the Divine spirit, and you have not found it yet; if you find the Divine spirit, you will access the streak of love and reach the outlet of the Beloved’s epiphany. Love is already sparkling somewhere very near to us. The spark of love that has been placed so near to us, for the sake of our knowledge and vision, is our Divine spirit. The reflection of God’s manifestation is evident in that mirror, such that it magnetizes us and makes us ardent.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi