Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #23

There is someone who baffles and stuns all hearts; a heart-pleasing and soothing truth which is the answer to all the unease of every being, a teller that all speeches are by Her and for Her fervency, a kind ear who listens to every whisper. She exists; She is the evidence of every evident; She is the unseen of every unseen; all illuminations are from the light of Her face. The sun and the moon get their light from Her. The sun and the earth go round and round in circles, baffled by Her presence. Galaxies are like minuscule particles that are a captive of Her magnetism. Every heart in every chest throbs for Her love. She is the color and beauty of every flower. The song of every nightingale is from Her rapture. New people come to this world eager for Her, and those who depart this world are enthusiastic to meet Her. She gave us free will so that we could give it up for Her. She gave us life so that we give it back to Her and see the Beloved. She is the Beloved of all the hearts— the One and Only God.

By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi