Wisdom of the Week

Wisdom of the week #25

The story of Karbala is a story of a lover who gave everything. The Beloved revealed Her beauty to him and he sacrificed many Ismails (reference to the story of Prophet Abraham being asked to sacrifice Ismail for God) and sacrificed his own life for Her. Many poets have written and sung about love but it is here in Karbala where a lover bathes in his own blood and sings about love. Look here where a lover’s lips are speaking of love and sacrifice while impaled on top of a spear.

Imam Hussain did not step out with the intention of war or else he wouldn’t take his family along. If he wanted war he wouldn’t tell his companions that there would be no war spoils and whoever wanted could leave. If he wanted war, he would pay heed to the warning of those around him, asking him to turn back as his trip would be extremely dangerous.

Humankind treats everything as a business, and it dominates every aspect of their life and behavior. Whenever they want to give something away, they immediately think about what they are going to get in return. It is only through love that one can give and not get anything in return, sacrifice and not see it, give everything and only be worried if the Beloved has accepted or not. The leader of Karbala who was a devout lover is the champion of sacrifice. 

There are many unspoken things and secrets between the lover and the Beloved. They always keep their secrets tight between themselves. They both cover the secrets of love. But in Karbala, something spectacular happened, a very rare occurrence. It was in Karbala that some of the secrets of love were revealed for all to see. 

            By: Seyed Alireza Mousavi