IHW Ambassadors of Dialogue and Peace Were Welcomed at Birmingham First United Methodist Church!
It was the first step in a long journey of outreach, bridge building, participation and partnership!
Bishop Laurie Haller, the church senior pastor, Faith Ministry chair, Mixie Hockman, Society Ministry Frank Driscoll and more than 100 members of the Methodist congregation welcomed Imam Elahi and a distinguished delegation of IHW, the Ambassadors of Dialogue and Peace!
Following imam Elahi presentation on Islamic faith, challenges and opportunities, the groups directed discussion on certain topics started. At the end, the representatives of each group shared the summary of their conversations with the entire audience!
Both Muslims and Christians were extremely happy of this heartfelt interaction and demonstrated enthusiasm to continue this journey and meet at Islamic House of Wisdom next time.
At the end all attendees enjoyed the hosts refreshment and appreciated the book of “Children of Abraham” presented to them by its author Dr. Talal Turfe.
Those interested to join the Ambassadors’ of Dialogue and Peace, please provide us with your basic information through Facebook, or IHW email info@islamichouseofwisdom.com
Imam Elahi’s presentation covered so many areas of interest. From basic belief system, history, Oneness of God, the principle of prophethood and revelation, moral and spiritual obligations in Islam, the concept of resurrection and the fact The Quran honors Jesus and his mom Marry over 70 times!
Here are just a few points from imam’s speech-
Living in such a messy and chaotic world, we need so much prayer, patience, educational exchanges, interfaith engagement, leadership and collective worship and work to win our daily struggles against ignorance, hatred and injustice.
The path to make America great is not the path of racism, marginalizing and threatening the minorities, violating their civil rights and insulting them in the media. The greatness comes through good leadership, unity and cooperation between the government and all communities!
Muslim Americans are targeted by both extremism and Islomophoba. The forces of Islamophobia and extremism are supporting each other with their evil expressions and actions but innocent people at home and abroad are paying a painful price with their lives, properties, integrity and faith!
Islam is a religion of reason, knowledge, peace, justice, diversity and pluralism. There is no room in Islam for radicalism, terrorism and violence.
The first step to stop terrorism is to stop corrupt kingdom of Saudi Arabia from training, advocating, financing and supporting the takfiris terrorist cults through money and fitna making fatwas of the Saudi paid preachers. Another step is for our government to become part of the solution and stop training and funding and arming so called rebels in Syria. The criminals who beheaded a boy of 10 year old in Syria are not better than isis.
Imam Elahi admired president Obama statement in his last week Eid al-Fitr celebration in the White House and prayed that those ideas and expression put in actions.

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Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi Condemning Saudi Support for Extremism & Terrorism in front of Saudi Embassy & White House in Washington D.C.!

Wednesday, July 14, 2016- The prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Imam Ali (as) told us that the best jihad is to express the truth in front of an oppressive authority.
A huge number of faithful and lovers of peace and justice gathered in front of the embassy to show absolute opposition to extremism and terrorism financed by the Saudi Royal Family. The history of this family is history of isis, from demolishing the Holy Site of Al-Baqi 90 years ago up to destruction of mosques and other holy places in Mecca, Medina and now in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Even more painful than places, is massacre of people by Saudi warmongers and their paid poppet.
After doing our noon prayer, expressing words and delivering a letter to the embassy, we marched toward the White House to send our message to the president and thousands of visitors around the White House. 

Wayne County Executive Visit and Orientation at the IHW!

Mr. Warren C. Evans, Wayne County Executive accompanied by Rev. Greg Roberts, Faith Based Director visited Islamic House of Wisdom and met with imam Elahi, chairman Dr. Saab and some prominent members of IHW and community activists.

The Wayne County Executive briefed IHW’s members of developments, progress and financial improvements of the county in the last couple of years and spoke about day to day work and struggles for making a better future for the county and the country.

Imam Elahi admired Executive Evans and Rev. Roberts for their constant communications with all the area’s communities and their hard work to build relationships and bring light of hope for Detroit and neighboring towns and cities.

Imam Elahi spoke about working together to fix the broken family foundation in Detroit as a crucial key to fix the social problems. He expressed the willingness of IHW to work with other faith organizations to create more serious attention to the family instabilities which cause more losses.

Hajja Nawal Hamada’s concern for more security around her schools and other educational facilities got the attention and promise of support from the Wayne County Executive Mr. Evans.

Rev. Roberts invited Imam Elahi to help him and other Wayne County religious leaders to put together a conference dealing with the County challenges, opportunities, real problems and real solutions.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Conference!

I just came back from this conference which was held at Detroit Airport Marriot Hotel. We had a great panel discussion about race and religious persecution at home and abroad.
First I asked all for a moment of silence for the victims of today terrorist crime in Kobold in which more than 80 innocent poor Afghanis lost their lives.
I appreciated the initiative of 7-Day Adventist Church for leading this conference and including this panel discussion.
I spoke about religious liberty as one of the most central and fundamental features of America’s Constitution, Declaration of Independence and also Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Comparing the Syrian refugees who are fleeing from the religious persecution practiced by Isis and their sponsors with those Europeans who took America as their refuge from religious persecution in Europe almost 400 years ago , I called for a welcoming and helping attitude to the new comers, so they can settle with dignity and peace!.
I wish our community show stronger presence in outreach and engagement! It should be a priority in our community! It is not just nice but necessary. The world is getting even messier than what it is now!
I am asking every community member to please be part of Ambassadors of Peace and dialogue that we are establishing at Islamic House of Wisdom!
— Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi- Shared on Facebook
Islamophobia is not about Islam! It’s about prejudice, racism, hatred, irrational fear, injustice, bigotry and human rights violation!

Terrorism is the biggest sin in Islam. Terrorists must be called terrorists not Islamic. As the shooters are called shooters and not Christian shooters!
Only through building bridges of education and understanding we can cure this social and psychological disease!

Many non-Muslims, who come to IHW especially to observe the Friday prayer, show so much interest in the messages and interactions. Last week a Church group mainly from Canadian-Korean Christians listened to the sermons and raised their questions after the prayer!
Dearborn Community Peace and Dialogue Ambassadors Met at the Islamic House of Wisdom!

Facing the tsunami of Islamophobia and extremism, a group of community leaders, activists and advocates of outreach and education met with Imam Elahi and shared their vision as they will meet the congregation of First United Methodist Church in Michigan.
If you like to join the Dearborn community ambassadors of peace, please reply to this email and send us a brief biography of yourself!

July 4, 2016: A candlelight vigil was held at the Islamic House of Wisdom in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Iraq and the World.           An hour of prayer, silence, sympathy and reflections were shared by all. Our prayers for the families of the innocent victims and for the recovery of the wounded.

More than 400 guests’ mainly Syrian refugees and their families enjoyed an Iftar Dinner at IHW!

We prayed together, broke our fast together, and listened to one another!
We prayed for Syrians to win this war and terrorism and become a great and prosperous country again.
The most innocent and passionate part of the gathering was the time we called all kids to get their humble Eid gifts! It was humble but from heart! Thank you sister Aziza Askari and “Who Is Hussein” organization for helping to put the entire initiative and action together! Allah bless your efforts!
July 5, 2016 & July 6, 2016- Eid al-Fitr was celebrated at the Islamic House of Wisdom

Muslim Leaders & Community Members Speak Out Against ISIS!

Interfaith Leaders Attended a Press Conference at Islamic House of Wisdom, Expressed their Solidarity With Muslim Community Against Recent Rise of Islamophobia!

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