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Goodbye to Community Journalist Mohammad Jaber at IHW!

Goodbye to Community Journalist Mohammad Jaber at IHW!

A man known for his friendship, love, passion, smiles and sincere media services to our community started his eternal journey after years of health struggles and sufferings!

Community members and leaders came to express their condolences and sympathy to Jaber family!

Imam Elahi spoke about journalist Mohammad dedication and friendly character and asked the youth in community to consider journalism as a serious field of study and proficiency to bring truth and awareness to the world!

Referring to a prophetic tradition on the importance of education through writing, imam said a true journalism is a big jihad in transformation of minds and hearts!

The visionary journalists live a struggling life, facing threat and intimidation by the forces of greed, corruption and crime!

Imam Elahi mentioned Jamal Khashoggi who lost his life for revealing the corruption of Saudi kingdom!

Another example journalism struggling was what happened to Marziya Hashemi. We hope she would be free soon.

Imam also admired a journalist of NYT Michelle Alexander for her recent article under “ Time to break silence in Palestine”

In Memory af Karyn Jordan, A Departed Innocent Young Girl-Commemorated at Islamic House of Wisdom.

In Memory of Karyn Jordan, A Departed Innocent Young Girl - Commemorated at Islamic House of Wisdom. 

Condolences to Mohammed and Rola Jordan , the entire Chedid Family and Chmistar Community. Our prayers and thoughts with Karyn's Family!

11/1/18: Condolences to Honorable Diab and Chedid Families on the Departed Soul of Hajja Fatima

Condolences to Honorable Diab and Chedid Families on the Departed Soul of Hajja Fatima


Our special sympathy is with Br. Rafiq, his sisters and brothers in law!

Hajja Fatima's soul flew to her spiritual residence at the neighborhood of the righteous in her eternal journey. May the Lord of Love and Compassion bless her with peace and tranquility! IHW along with her families and friends will honor her memory this Sunday at 4:00pm.

4/26/18: Osboo Memorial so passionate and Impressive despite of No Electricity, No Generator! Candles Lights with Cordial Hearts Did make it!

Osboo Memorial So passionate and Impressive Despite of No Electricity, No Generator! Candles Lights with Cordial Hearts Did make It!

Big part of Dearborn Heights was out of power last Sunday afternoon. Some friends asked what if we cancel the Osboo memorial? My answer was, let the spiritual light defeat the physical darkness!

At the end all were happy we kept our commitment to the souls of late Sami and Laila Mesbah Arabi. A brother and sister who passed away on the same day in Lebanon. (Allah Bless Their Souls)
Honorable Dr. Ali Ajami, Hajj Hassan Arabi and other family members warmly shook hands and welcomed the guests.
Br Zohair Alawiya and sheikh Ahmad Hamoud did a great job as they always do.
Imam Elahi dedicated his humble words about the best pattern of parenting.
How can we leave a legacy of righteous sons and daughters while departing this world so we would save their prayers for our souls?
From choosing nice names, teaching them the words of God, the love of His messenger, training them good character, discipline, responsibility, respect, love, peacefulness, friendliness, good communication, humbleness, honesty, understanding, organization, prayer and charity.
All parents are encouraged to read chapter of Luqman and letter 31 of Imam Ali in Nahjol-Balaqa and also the Charter of Rights of Imam Sajjad (SA), those texts are full of guidance on how to talk with our children!
So as children must be loving, kind and humble to their parents, the parents should be communicating with their children responsibly, correcting and not cursing them! Purifying and not punishing!
Considering the youth crises of identity and the dangerous threats to our new generation, the power of parenting is central in managing the challenge of our children!

4/26/18: The Legacy of late Hajj Abdallah Solaiman siblini honored at IHW.

The legacy of late Hajj Abdallah Solaiman Siblini honored at IHW

Both Imam Elahi and the founding editor of AANews, Mr. Osama Siblini admired the late hajj for his education, hard work, humbleness, moral values, generosity, faith and friendship.

Reading verses from the Holy Quran, imam Elahi asked the audience what would be our legacy after we leave this short life and start our journey of akhera and eternity?

Mentioning the legacy of leaders such as MLK, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, imam Musa Sadr, Dr. Ali Shariati and so many other revolutionary reformers, the Imam emphasized on the legacy of standing for justice, freedom and truth while rejecting hatred, hypocrisy, fear mongering and war.

1-20-18:  Haj Mahmoud Nassar (Abu Ali)

"To Allah We Belong And To Him We Return...”

In Memory of the Late,

 Haj Mahmoud Nassar (Abu Ali)

Husband of: Late Haji Fatima Hassoun 

Sons: Al shahid Ali, Taha & Hussein 

Daughters: Nadia, Nada, Zainab, Fadia & Sana

Son-In-Law: Mohamed Mokbel, Mohammad Hamdan,  Brothers: the Late- Nassar Nassar & Al Hajj Hussein Nassar

Isbouh Commemoration Service

Saturday- January 20, 2018 at 4:00 pm         

Islamic House of Wisdom

In Memory of Haidar Kamel El-Cheik Ali

April 3, 2016- A 40th Commemoration Servicewas held in memory of the late, Haidar Kamel El-Cheik Ali. El-Cheik Ali, Makki and Baydoun families and friends came together in his remembrance.

In Memory of AlHajj Hussein Kareem Hassan (Abu Ali)

April 3, 2016- An Isbouh Memorial Service was held in Memory of the late, AlHajj Hussein Kareem Hassan (Abu Ali). Family and friends came together in his remembrance.  Please recite al-Fatiha on his soul and for all who have passed before us.

Hajja Maryam Osman

Join us as we honor the memory of the late, Hajjah Mariam Osman, on the 40th day since her passing.  (May God Bless Her Soul)  
Mother of: Asim Osman, Mike Osman, the late- Fay Osman and late- Sue Allie. Eight Grand children & seven Great Grand Children. Mother: Julia Wazny & the late, Father: Assim Wazny. Brother: Mike Sisters: Fay, Diane & the late- Rose Wazny

Jack Seman: 1935-2013

Christian-Interfaith Activist from Metro-Detroit:  Jack Seman- Passed away, December 5, 2013. 

We ask all to please take a moment to send your condolences on behalf of yourself, family &/or Congregation. To send your condolences to the family on Facebook:  CLICK HERE


IHW Honored the Memory of Peace Activist, Jack Seman: 1935-2013
Jack Seman, a member of the Chaldean Christian community who used to participate in many interfaith and weekly religious services at the Islamic House of Wisdom passed away, December 5, 2013.
Imam Elahi participated in the late, Jack's funeral and burial services addressing the family and friends of Jack in addition to members of the Chaldean community. He admired Jack Seman's passion for peace, justice and truth.
Imam praised Jack's generosity, love, courage and sacrifice for the sake of unity and cooperation between the Muslim and Christian communities.
Jack's family joined the interfaith gathering at the IHW last Tuesday and expressed their deepest appreciation for Imam Elahi and other community activists for their support and solidarity during the funeral service of Jack Seman!


Information for Jack Seman's Funeral Services:
Visitation: Friday, December 6, 2013: 2-8pm
McCabe Funeral Home: 31950 W. 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills
Funeral: Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 10:00am at St. Thomas Chaldean Catholic Church, 6900 W. Maple Rd, West Bloomfield
Interment: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery


Top Right: Video Highlighting the Great Work of Jack throughout the years- including some of his activities at the IHW.

On the Right: Photo Highlights of Jack with us at the IHW in many of our programs & services.

See below: Jack Featured in IHW's Salam Newsletter, Article by Hajj Khalil Hachem