IHW Occasions

9/7/18: Eid of Ghadir was Celebrated at IHW. As the Day of Leadership, Love, Appreciation, Allegiance, Brotherhood, Benevolence, Responsibility and Action!

Eid of Ghadir Was Celebrated at IHW. As the Day of Leadership, Love, Appreciation, Allegiance, Brotherhood, Benevolence, Responsibility and Action!

8/17/18: Students of the Arabic-Islamic School participated in a Hajj Program

Students of the Arabic-Islamic School participated in a Hajj Program where they reenacted the various stages of the Hajj Pilgrimage led by the Principal Hajji Salam Farhat and teachers of the program.

7/6/18: 4th of July Dinner by Abdul's Campaign!

4th of July Dinner by Abdul's Campaign!

Standing for justice, human dignity and civil rights for all!

Abdul El-Sayed for Governor campaign had rented the reception hall of House of a wisdom for a quake night of 4th of July dinner outreach this afternoon.

As an American citizen not as my organizational affiliation I attended the dinner and very much impressed with Abdul’s address to some key community’s activists!

He spoke confidently, as he did just recently with CNN, NPR and some other national media!

He spoke about justice, education, fighting poverty and standing together for civil rights of all Americans regardless of their faith, party, race or culture!

Abdul El-Sayed knowledge, experience and passion seem so promising for our State of Michigan!

House of Wisdom reception hall is available for any other candidate who may like to rent and use the facility, as we are in our road to August important election.

Please remember " Your Votes Matter the Most!

6/22/18; Eid Prayer at Islamic House of Wisdom

Eid Prayer at Islamic House of Wisdom


The First Prayer was led by Imam Elahi, the second Prayer was led by Shaikh Ali Nassour a guest speaker from Lebanon!

Imam Elahi's Eid message in both Eid and Friday prayer:

Though Ramadan has so many titles such as month of faith, fast, revelation, reflection, resistance, piety, prayer, God’s Reception..

Yet the best lesson to learn and the best resolution to make would be “Mercy and Forgiveness”.

Imam Elahi reflected on how asking God for forgiveness was our main prayer in this month, and then let’s share what we were given by God, with other people, being our family, friends or neighbors.

If God is forgiving, let’s be forgiving! The only people we shouldn’t easily forgive are those who hurt humanity, the oppressors, the forces of injustice.

Imam Elahi mentioned the recent meeting between Trump and Kim Jung and spoke about political gambling in which in a matter of a night a man whom in the eyes of president Trump was an object of fire and fury, a mad man, a rocket man, a dictator, and criminal, all the sudden turned to a talent man who loves his country and meeting with him became an honor!!

Imam also mentioned the recent hypocritical offer of Netanyahu about helping the Iranian people in water crises and said this is the man behind all the sanctions, suffering and assassination of Iranian scientists and the Gaza massacre and should not be allowed to lie that loud! 

Imam prayed for the people of Yemen and condemned the war crimes of house of Saud, the corrupt kingdom of Arabia who continues its brutal bombardments even on the day of Eid. The people of Yemen are dying of starvation, they need bread not bombs. This Wahabi mentality is the same ideology that created the isis tragedy for humanity. 

At the end imam Elahi spoke of a hdith from Imam Ali talking about forgiveness and fairness at two fundamental moral values in human society.

We call the Lord on the Day of Eid as the Lord of Mercy and Forgiveness lets share these values with our friends and foes as long as they are not abused and wasted!

6/14/18; Another Inspiring Iftar Dinner at IHW

Another Inspiring Iftar Dinner at IHW

Agreements and Disagreements with the Democratic Candidate for the MI Governor!

It started with our guest speaker br. Jalal Moghnia and followed with recitation of the Holy Quran, group prayer, dinner and dialogue.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed the democratic candidate for Michigan governor also joined the iftar. We welcomed Dr. El-Sayed and appreciated many commonalities we share with him when it comes to Michigan challenges, opportunities, needs and struggles. We are in total agreement with El-Sayed in issues such as Islampphobia, racism, immigration, poverty, warmongering etc. Yet I told the candidate that our community have serious disagreements to few of his statements and polices. 

El-Sayed expressed his understanding over the Muslim community’s real concerns and showed willingness and interest to have a town hall meeting to address those concerns. 

Regardless of disagreements, the fact that a Muslim, Arab American young doctor has taken this challenge and works tirelessly to win, is a journey of engagement and participation in the political life of our nation! This should be motivating our young generation to consider the political participation with the intention of serving the society and making a better future, with justice, freedom and respect for human rights and responsibilities , as a moral obligation.

We may agree, disagree or agree to disagree, yet it takes so much courage, commitment and leadership to take this challenge.